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Renewable Energy Directory

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Electricity Suppliers

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my request, I have been overwhelmed by the response and I very much appreciate the time you took to reply.

I have collated the responses and list them below:

Recommendations for supply, price and service:
Ecotricity 8
Good Energy 2
NPower Juice 2
British Gas 2
Scottish Power 2
Southern Electric 2
Eco Energy 1
Utility Warehouse 1
Just Utilities 1
Ebico 1

Definitely not recommended for anything:
Good Energy 3
Scottish Power 1

It seems that Ecotricity come out on top and give good customer service. EDF were also highly recommended.

Good Energy are good when there isn't a problem but when things go wrong they seem to go spectacularly wrong as in my case. It is true that they have a customer service team who you can speak to and often to the same person but they have standard responses which are ok when things are going well but they are unable to sort out problems once they start to escalate. I have found that it takes so long for them to reply to a query, if they can't answer it straight away, that often they just add a few #100s to the bill in the meantime anyway.

Someone from the COAST network passed my email onto them and I received a response from the Head of Customer Services straight away who is now looking into my case. I have been asking for 5 months to speak to a more senior person in Customer Services, after I contacted the Ombudsman out of absolute frustration I was put in touch with a supervisor, it seems that Coast has the power to put me in touch with an even higher authority!

Just to give you a little more detail as requested by some of you this is what happened to me:

We switched to Good Energy from EDF because they appear to be the only 100% renewable company. We knew they would be more expensive but expected reasonable service.

We asked them to take us off Economy 7, they said they would replace the meter, the engineer (a contractor) came and said he couldn't replace the meter but would recalibrate it.

The next two bills came still charging us on Economy 7.

I pointed this out as an error and they sent us more and more bills for a lot more money and this continued despite numerous calls and I even asked them to send another engineer out. They sent another engineer who took a reading. They didn't take any notice of his reading and billed us again for an estimated reading, they seem to prefer estimates to actual readings in our case even though we have given them regular readings all the way through. They also appear to have billed us twice for the same period last year.

After much confusion I asked them to simply bill us from our start date in April 2008 until present time (original request January 2009) but they refused to do this. So I asked then that they should go through the bills with me over the phone to help me to understand them, no they can't do that as they won't come up on the customer service screen (computer says no!). Ok I said let me speak to accounts, not you're not allowed to do that, ok can I speak to someone in higher authority, no. Ok I really need you to explain the bills, ok they said let me print them out and I will call you once I have them, still waiting for that to happen, about 3 months now, must have a slow printer.

This is a very small snapshot of my dealings with them which is echoed in other replies also. They even suggested at one point that our considerable increase in electricity usage (not # but units) compared to the previous year with EDF was that I had taken to using a lot more appliances! When you consider that I am an environmental scientist and have researched and taught carbon footprinting I was not best pleased to be told this. On more than one occasion I was also told that I had no choice but to pay as they were right and they weren't going to put me in touch with anyone else in the company nor were they going to produce a new bill with real readings.

Since contacting the ombudsman they have now given me 2 bills based on the actual readings but on a 6 figure meter instead of a 5 figure meter. I was going to give up and pay and leave as soon as possible last week but the ombudsman's office rang on the very same day and told me not to pay anything as they were still investigating them for overcharging.

We are talking about #3200 so far which is a huge amount of money to me but not as much as another person who contacted me with a similar problem.

I hope this information is useful to you and wish everyone success with their energy supply.

Best wishes