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Energy Light Bulbs

Energy light bulbs - Energy bulbs - Low energy bulbs - LED Bulbs

Welcome to Energy Light Bulbs, your one stop shop for all your low energy bulbs. In today's society the responsibility to help prevent climate change is on every individual. Everyone should play their part to try and prevent the pace in which the effects are taking place. A way in which you can help is to switch every ordinary light bulb within your home for energy bulbs. Many people are averse to energy efficient light bulbs for a number of reasons, all of which are based on misconceptions and misunderstandings. A low energy bulb can have a dramatic effect on your electricity bill as they use up to 80% electricity than regular light bulbs.

Energy saving bulbs such as LED bulbs operate off a low wattage but still produce the same amount of light if not more. Many people think that the light emitted from an energy light bulb is harsh and cold and not of the same quality as normal light bulbs. This may have been the case with older types of low energy bulbs, but technological advancements means that this is no longer the case - providing you use the correct wattage you will receive the same light as you would from a 100 watt bulb. Another thing that puts people off energy efficient light bulbs is that they think that they are bulky a clumsy and do not fit in with their decor. Low energy light bulbs are now available in a whole range of styles including candles, globes and spirals.

With the latest innovations in light bulb design, LED bulbs have opened the way for many homes and businesses that use expensive existing halogen flush mounted bulbs. LED technology allows for brilliant light dispersion whilst generating very little or no heat. With LED technology now being applied to conventional halogen GU10 style bulbs that are commonly found in offices and homes in recessed ceiling down lights across the world, we can all look forward to dramatic energy savings and lower energy bills. Our aim is to deliver the most efficient lighting solutions for your home and believe it is now possible in conjunction with the full selection of low energy light bulbs we now provide.

Many think that an energy bulb is very expensive; it is true that is costs slightly more than a regular light bulb but only 1 or so which will be will be more than made up with the saving on your electricity bill. An energy light bulb also lasts up to 10 times longer than a regular bulb, this longer life means that not only are you light bulbs energy saving but they also help you to save a lot of money. For all your low energy light bulb needs take a browse over our pages, we offer free shipping on all our products with no minimum order applying.
Energy saver bulb - Energy saving bulb - Energy saving candle bulb - Energy saving light bulbs
With the whole world talking about climate change, the responsibility is placed on each individual to reduce their carbon foot print and become more energy efficient. Here at Energy Light Bulbs we take our environmental responsibility very seriously which is why we supply energy saving bulbs at low prices to all our customers. When replacing your existing light bulbs energy saving bulbs really are the best choice for you. Most of the electricity that we use in our homes is used by lighting and by replacing your standard light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs you will be able to dramatically cut the amount of electricity you use.

The energy saver bulb uses more than 80% less electricity than a standard light bulb which can make a real difference to you electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint. This is possible as the energy saving bulb is a much lower wattage than the normal bulbs. It is worth noting that this does not affect the light that is emitted from energy saving light bulbs, they are just as bright without the extra costs of standard bulbs. We offer energy saving bulbs at very competitive prices as we are able to do this by buying in bulk from well known manufacturers with who we have long established working relationships with.

Whether you wish to purchase a single energy saving candle bulb or 100, we offer a free delivery service - no minimum order applies. We are dedicated to customer service which is why we supply only the very best energy saver bulbs to our customers. We are proud to say that our client base holds a number of repeat customers who have given testimonials to the service that we provide. Given this, here at Energy Light Bulbs we allow you to be sure that we are the company to go to for an energy saving bulb of any description. Our energy saving light bulb range is one of the widest online and we constantly strive to offer the most competitive prices on new products as they become available.

When choosing light bulbs energy saving bulbs from Energy Light Bulbs will prove to be highly cost effective, saving you money of your quarterly energy bills whilst providing you with the same high level of lighting around the home or office. We remain dedicated to offering the perfect energy saving light bulb solution for your needs and offer a swift and professional service time after time. So whether you are looking for a traditional energy bulb or an energy saving candle bulb we are confident that you will find it on our website, take a look through our pages and should you require any information just give us a call, our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help.
Gu10 led bulbs - Gu10 bulbs - G4 bulbs - Halogen bulbs
A huge energy saving solution, energy bulbs enable flawless lighting results to be achieved within the home and office but with using a fraction of the electricity used in conventional and traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps. Here at, we understand the growing ecological awareness of the general public and businesses spanning the length and breadth of the UK. In response to this rise in becoming energy conscious and the monitoring of carbon footprints, we are proud of our positive introduction of the state of the art energy saving light bulbs that we supply to our customers. Stocking a wide range of energy saving bulbs to replace your high rated and costly bulbs, we have the perfect solution for any eventuality.Although energy saving bulbs have been around for a number of years for screw and bayonet type fittings, finding an energy efficient replacement for halogen bulbs has always been difficult and up until recently unavailable to many. Here at Energy Light Bulbs we are proud to now have a range of replacements for various halogen bulbs including the most common the GU10. These replacements for your halogen bulbs around the home and office feature the latest no heat LED technology and offer superior lighting qualities and can be purchased as dimmable units.

One of the latest achievements in the world of lighting solutions is the introduction of the led. Rapidly becoming more and more popular in various applications from automotive light clusters to torches and now redefining slimline televisions the led has made a terrific impact on the world of electronics and lighting methods. is a company who offers competitive rates on all the energy saving light bulbs displayed here on the website. Whatever you may be searching for from complete energy saving Gu10 led bulbs to replace your existing halogen lights or replacement G4 bulbs for your home an office, we are the specialists to choose.

With massive savings to be made when switching to energy saving bulbs within the home or workplace, you will be sure to find peace of mind when selecting energy bulbs. Remain safe in the knowledge that you are actively reducing your carbon footprint immensely by using much more eco friendly Gu 10 bulbs whilst losing no incandescence or lighting capabilities whatsoever. Our expert advisors are on hand to assist you when wishing to choose the perfect replacement, energy efficient bulbs for your perfect lighting solution.

We operate to give you some of the best savings on a wide range of low energy rated spotlight bulbs, including our controllable and dimmable Gu10 led bulbs which are available in a range of different colours to create the perfect mood lighting for any room. Offering great discounts is just one of our many goals and for superb prices on any type of bulb from our popular G4 bulbs to a host of different Gu 10 bulbs, we aim to please. Buy in confidence today here at
Fire rated downlight
When searching for the ideal bulbs for your home such as in the bathroom, kitchen or for your office or workplace, stock a huge variety of bulbs and light fixtures for any purpose. With many selections available, you can be sure to find the right lighting solution depending on the relevant safety requirements for different applications. Take the fire rated downlight range we have in stock.

Complying with fire safety regulations, our fire rated downlight bulb, trims and housings have been meticulously designed to provide a high level of safety and are 90 minutes fire rated. In addition to being easy to install, there is no requirement to run any fire rated downlight through a transformer. Being completely air tight, you can rest assured that excess heat cannot build up in ceiling cavities and attic spaces, allowing the fire rated downlight to be installed in different environments including bathrooms and kitchens.

With the introduction of fire rated lighting solutions within homes and offices, you can discover lighting possibilities that were previously impossible to perform within the home or were too costly to consider. Here at Energy Light Bulbs, we understand the necessity for cost effective, high quality low energy lighting and operate professionally to meet the demands of our customers old and new. Featuring specifically designed components to offer adequate fire retention qualities, you can be sure that you will find peace of mind that you have the best lighting solutions in place to offer protection against the risk of fire.

Available in an array of colours and designs we stock a continuingly expanding selection of British Safety Standard lighting fixtures and fittings for any room in the home or workplace, making sure to proficiently assist our customers to enable them to choose the perfect, correct light bulb solutions for any purpose. Cost effective and now cheaper than ever in a bid to enable every homeowner and household to benefit from quality traditional or low energy fire rated downlight units, they can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom or elsewhere on landings, in bedrooms or your office. Every effort has been made to provide the perfect lighting answer to your lighting needs and here at Energy Light Bulbs, we continue to provide unbeatable services for clients across the UK.

Offering free delivery on all items, at Energy Light Bulbs we insist on providing the very best services whether you are searching for standard fittings or low energy fire rated downlights today. Here at you can be sure that you will receive quality goods and a competent and professional service, offering cost effective and affordable lighting solutions to meet a huge range of budgets, needs and daily requirements.