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Renewable Energy Directory

Free entries for Cornwall based renewable energy suppliers. Just add a 'comment' describing your local business or use the 'contact' form to email in the information to be published.

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Citroen Berlingo electric vans

We run a fleet of Citroen Berlingo vans (including the Peugeot equivalent) and the Peugeot 106 Electric car.

In what capacity are you seeking an electric car - as some form of community car share? We are already looking at a pilot of such a project so would be happy to discuss this in N Cornwall too. Of any of the limited number of electric cars available, none are generally serviceable by a 'normal' garage, requiring specialist knowledge and equipment which we perform ourselves. Not least for this reason, we have resisted selling our vehicles preferring to rent and lease them for 'zero risk'

Range on these 'older' generation vehicles is in the order of 50 miles per charge - but depends on driving style, payload - and terrain to an extent too. The 'short' range is mitigated somewhat by the ability to recharge quickly from a dedicated charging point - in around 1 hour. Although a newer generation of vehicles will be available (although not necessarily to buy) within 12-18 months they may not be hugely more practical since they generally have only the 'slow charge' option.

I am away working in London this work, with limited access to email, but feel free to contact me in the meantime and I will contact you again upon my return.

Kind regards,