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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Renewable Energy Directory

Free entries for Cornwall based renewable energy suppliers. Just add a 'comment' describing your local business or use the 'contact' form to email in the information to be published.

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Eco-drive for Electric Vehicles

eco-drive was formed to give people the choice of using Electric Vehicles. It was inspired by our founder's very positive experience of using an electric moto-scooter, which he still owns and rides! EVs are often a viable alternative for many private motorists and commercial operations but have been under-promoted in the UK which is surprising since we pay some of the highest road fuel prices in the world and an EV costs about 10% of the cost to "fuel!"

Perhaps strangely for a 'car company', we are not 'pro-car!' In fact, neither are we 'anti-car!' We are being realistic that people will continue to use cars, so where possible these should have as low an impact as possible. Road transport is a major contributor to "greenhouse" gas emissions and climate change, local air pollution and noise pollution, as well as competing for space with pedestrians and cyclists in our towns and cities.

Car usage is ever increasing with over 26 million cars on Britain's roads - a lot of vehicles on such a small island. We need to

travel less,
plan journeys by car sharing etc. »
use the internet and teleconferencing etc. when possible
cycle and walk short journeys when we can ("the school run" etc.)
use public transport (rail) for longer distances.

We need to preserve (or restore) local shops and services (see This also needs good local planning policy to ensure that people can access goods and services without having to use a car.

These are big challenges, so we hope that our vehicles will make a positive contribution to a cleaner environment

PO Box 255
Penzance TR18 9AA
Tel: 0845 466 3835
Fax: 0845 466 4624

Calls are free from some BT landlines and charged at local rate from other landlines.
(Electronic, paperless fax will receive faxes 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday)