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Your last news letter gave me a laugh

Dydh da Paul,
Your last news letter gave me a laugh.
I find the human race to be most peculiar.
This Christmas thing is a hoot. I realised a long time ago that it has nothing to do with any religion what so ever, and now it has actually gone back to what it was in the beginning many thousands of years ago.
People many thousands of years ago in the northern hemisphere realised that the days got shorter and then at one point got longer again. They put stone circles in so as they could trace the line of the sun all the time. They then realised that on one particular day it turned around and went back again. Or that was the way that they saw it.
So every year at that point a few days later they had a feast and gave each other gifts of thanks that the sun would come again.
That is what the mid winter festival is about and has actually got back to.
The Romans knew this and had feasting for it, when they took on a new religion they used their own feast days and just changed the names of them. They did this all over the area that they were in charge of. The Europeans who took over from them did the same thing.
And it is all a good money making racket is it not.
On the other hand there are things written in the bible that human beings of the time would not have known about, take things taught in Leviticus no human of the time would have known about the hygiene laws that we know about today, although many now ignore them, but there they are in print from thousands of years ago.
There is only one master of this planet and that is herself. As I think we are about to find out.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken