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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News May 2011

Hello and welcome to the May issue.

Latest development: TransitionNC Energy Group intends to develop renewable energy in North Cornwall along the lines of the Wadebridge based WREN. In order to do that we need to have as many supporters as possible on the EnergyShare website, which will help us qualify for funding. Please visit and if you like what you see register as a member/ supporter. The more the merrier and the better chance of obtaining initial funding. Once we get a large enough group together, I'll call a meeting to plan how to proceed.

First, the forthcoming events. As you can see there are lots of interesting events taking place in the next three months:

19May2011: Jacobstow Local Food Market: will be held in the Jacobstow Parish Hall on Thursday 19th May 2011 10:00-12:00. Come and taste the great food provided by producers from this and neighbouring parishes!
20-21May2011: CSAs in the South West: chance to get to know other CSAs in the area, range of practical CSA workshops and social time in this beautiful setting.
23-24May2011: Falmouth Energy Week: The Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter is organising this conference in Falmouth
24May2011:Sustainable Transport debate
25May2011: Simon Fairlie, free Earth Talk event open to the public, as part of Schumacher College’s Earth Talks programme.
25May2011: Eradicating Ecocide: laws and governance to prevent the destruction of our planet - at the LSE, London.
27-30May2011: ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH FLOWER FESTIVAL: “Ring the Changes”: The church will be full of flowers, celebration of a very special anniversary
31May-4Jun2011: Practising Resourcefulness: Learning ‘how much is enough’ is a vital part of recognising how we spend our money and our time.
2-5Jun2011: Sunrise Festival of Organic Arts: featuring the Transition Tin Village with a full programme of workshops and films.
5Jun2011: Big Lunch is back
12Jun2011: Cottage Farm Open Day for Farmers: Calling all farmers from this and neighbouring parishes: come and see how Cottage Farm have reduced their energy bills to near zero and how you can make similar savings on your farm.
11-12Jun2011: principles and practice of Permaculture at Plan-It Earth: inspiring and informative exploration of the principles and practice
16Jun2011: Generation of Energy from Wood: Opportunity or Hot Air?
17-19Jun2011: The Rock Oyster Festival 2011: that sounds fun, music with oysters
19Jun2011: Crackington Local Produce fair: at the Crackington Institute, 2-5pm.
21Jun2011: Farming and food security debate
30Jun2011: Farming in Transition: Join us to find out who can help, talk to the people already doing it, and get practical solutions with funding advice all under one roof.
2Jul2011: Grow your own fruit and veg the organic way: courses with Tree of Life Organics
8-12Jul2011: Transition Conference 2011 at Liverpool Hope University - book up your tickets now! 8-11Jul2011: Transition Conference-call for workshops The Transition Conference programme schedule is being designed - suggest a workshop.
11-15Jul2011: Living Soil: A Holistic Perspective: Bethan Stagg, Lecturer in Ecological Horticulture at Schumacher College, talks about the magic of soil.
28-31Jul2011: The Green Gathering 2011 is back: The Green Gathering 2011 will be a family, camping event, for approximately 5,000 people for a period of 4 days, held at a traditional farming estate in West Berkshire.
19-26Oct2011: Low Carbon Earth Summit-2011: held in Dalian, China at the World Exposition Center - better catch a boat now!

All these and others listed in

Also events specifically for farmers:
24May2011: how to manage water efficiently: This event will help you to save money and reduce your use of water.
12Jun2011: Cottage Farm Open Day for Farmers: Calling all farmers from this and neighbouring parishes: come and see how Cottage Farm have reduced their energy bills to near zero and how you can make similar savings on your farm.
30Jun2011: Farming in Transition Seminar at the RAC, Cirencester

Major news stories and opinions published in the past month include:

New Tesco in Camelford?: How to ensure flourishing local food market even when a new supermarket hits the town.
UK Fourth Carbon Budget : Emissions to be cut by 50% by 2025
Defying the recession - visitors to farmers' markets : A HUGE increase in visitor numbers to farmers' markets in Cornwall over the past year has been put down to a growing awareness of the benefit of buying locally.

Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation : agreed and released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on May 9th in Abu Dhabi
You and Your Slaves : how many slaves do You have?
Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas survey for visitors to Cornwall
Slow Guide to Cornwall : chance to be included in this new guide
Most people like wind farms : High Court a judge said that the strategic need over-rides the visual impact. Majority of residents in the area thought more wind power was a good idea ... anti-wind farm group "Save Berkeley Vale" being ordered by the Advertising Standards Agency to stop using misleading images of wind turbines that exaggerated the potential impact of the installation.
Stocks in many reservoirs fall appreciably : March 2011 was provisionally the driest since 1961
Next Mass Extinction an Eyeblink Away : Life on Earth is hurtling towards extinction levels comparable to those following the dinosaur-erasing asteroid impact of 65 million years ago
Cornwall Red Squirrel Project : Now that we understand why the reds died out WE ARE GOING TO BRING THEM BACK!
Jeff Rubin: When will we see demand destruction for oil? How high must oil prices go before they start killing the very demand that feeds them?
Free advice for communities to support neighbourhood planning : free access to expert advice and guidance
MP praises fascinating renewable energy project : THE COUNTY'S first energy- saving Superhome has been visited in Climate Week by North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson, his family and local councillors - various news stories
TransitionNews Weekend Magazine : 242 articles by 59 contibutors. Read it here:
So you think you have a pension? - you'd better think again
The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century : a fantastic book, 500 page encyclopaedia of current thinking
and others in

The library of Learning Resources: section on Global Financial crisis further expanded by extracts from sources all over the world.
Preparing for Economic Collapse, a personal guide : from someone who's done it already in response to an economic collapse in his own country. Short and practical eye opener! A must read for everyone.
Oil Crunch Video : An excellent new 12 min video available online (and to download) about Peak Oil.
Chris Martenson's Crash Course and its limitations , Earth’s Limits: Why Growth Won’t Return, People's Supermarket section with information to help us start our own!
Also added is Personal Energy Descent Plan item of some very useful pointers that you may not have thought of yet, taken from the experts at Powerswitch.

Elsewhere on the website you will find articles such as these
Inconvenient truths about the coming transition: a critique of the Transition Movement
Cornish Devolution : the whys and what for's of Cornish devolution and Cornish Assembly with law making powers - an essential step to safeguard our few advantages for the benefit of Cornwall residents: food and renewable energy
WREN: The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network : further details of WREN mechanics
Free Trees for Communities: register and pray
Transition cities: Mission impossible? : "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. "
Open Source Ecology - one of the best ideas for sustainable future I have ever come across - just have a look at it.
Community Power Cornwall, a new Industrial and Provident Society, owned by its members, which is setting out to develop and operate small to medium scale community owned renewable energy installations across the county: Share offer ends on the 12th June 2011
Superhomes @ Sustainable Energy Academy with almost 100 'superhomes' to visit and see how renewable energy can work in your own home.

The Local Food Directory now lists 95 entries and the Renewable Energy Directory has 40 entries (8 new entries)

By the way, if you register and log in to the website (which your PC can do for you automatically after the first time) you will find it much more useful. It will automatically show you which items are new, various extra options and some of the information in the side bars will make that much more sense.

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Good luck.

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