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Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News Feb 2011

Hello and welcome to our February issue.

Next couple of month will see a whole series of exciting and interesting events taking place here in Cornwall, in London and elsewhere.

To make sure you don't miss any events of interest to you, just follow us on Twitter, click here: We promise to tweet no more than twice a day to let you know of events and news as they come in.

Forthcoming events:

16Feb2011: free Business and renewables event: how to maintain, modernise or expand our premises with a close eye on both the environmental and financial payback
17Feb2011: Jacobstow Food Market : this with local producers of meat, veg, bread, jams, chutney, honey, cheese, sausages and much else. Free Community Stall, where anyone can sell their excess produce and the first experiment with the People's Supermarket idea.
17Feb2011: Local Sustainable Food debate
19Feb2011: SAS Anti-litter abseil, Lusty Glaze for the adventurous amongst us
23Feb2011: Whose Land is it anyway? with Simon Fairlie Evening in Totnes with the author of books on low impact development and, most recently, 'Meat, a benign extravagance'.
25Feb2011:Inspired & Wild: Celebrating Cornwall's Art & Wildlife
26-27Feb2011: Hedgelaying Workshop in St Gennys
Feb-Mar2011: Woodland Valley courses
4Mar2011: Richard Heinberg on ‘The End of Growth’ in Totnes author of, among other things, ‘Powerdown’, ‘The Party’s Over’ and ‘The End of Growth’. Last time he spoke in Totnes, over 400 people came to see him, and this, his second visit to Totnes, promises to be just as popular.
4-6Mar2011: Reviewing & Re-imagining Transition in Cornwall conference. Friday evening, all day Saturday and visits to neighbouring projects on Sunday, one of which will be Cottage Farm, a carbon sink farm powered by renewable energy.
23Mar2011: CoaST Bash party
27Mar2011: Cottage Farm 'Superhome' open day: booking essential as visitors limited to 15
29Mar2011: Sustainable Buildings debate
29Mar2011: ECO-NOMY, Environment Kernow Conference 2011: The aim will be to
identify through presentations and focussed speaker-led discussions whether we have
the right house rules to prudently manage the resources in our community. Maybe I am missing something, but the answer is painfully obvious: No.
Jan-Apr2011: FREE Social enterprise workshops in Cornwall
Spring2011: Cornwall Wildlife Trust art exhibition
3-8Apr2011: Boscastle Walking Week
19Apr2011: UK Water Security debate
20-21May2011: CSAs in the South West
24May2011:Sustainable Transport debate
5Jun2011: Big Lunch is back
17-19Jun2011: The Rock Oyster Festival 2011: that sounds fun, music with oysters
21Jun2011: Farming and food security debate

All these and others listed in

Also couple of events specifically for farmers:
3Mar2011: Low Carbon Farming Practices Increase your Profit at Woodland Valley
30Jun2011: Farming in Transition Seminar at the RAC, Cirencester

Major news stories and opinions published in the past month include:

Banks' hidden subsidies worth £32bn a year and still, you and I are responsible for rescuing them when they fail again
Quite right, Charles the prince on GDP and Growth
Fuel billing system 'leading to deaths' the madness of charging less, the more you use
Dingle Brothers Farm: please help a plea for support for a single wind turbine. The only objector is the infamous Campaign to Protect Rural England
Totnes: Britain's town of the future the most forward-thinking eco settlement in the world?
Saudi reserves overstated, Peak Oil confirmed - well known massaging of the reserve numbers
Sustainable Communities Act Update apparently, Government will make it easier to introduce renewable energy schemes by introducing permitted development rights for small scale renewable and microgeneration energy. So maybe we will be able to have wind turbines on farms after all !
UN Global Compact and the ten principles good principles, what about the practice?
BBC banning a fair debate about fairer votes the amazing story of BBC's top brass that demands that their staff stop describing "electoral reform" as "electoral reform".
Fuel and Heating Oil thefts in Cornwall - indication of things to come? Watch your vegies and chickens!
Totnes EDAP: adequate action plan or a holiday brochure? Critique of Rob Hopkins (how dare they!) fluffy approach to planning
Alain de Botton on the environment, the universe and everything as heard on Radio 4 and transcribed by myself, Alain brings a philosophers point of view to the environmental debate: "Nature used to terrify us, now we terrify ourselves."
The good and the bad transition : "A no-growth economy may be closer than we think."
It's time for a fairer voting system...
from resource efficiency to eco-effectiveness - Defra study
Supporting Communities in Planning: Prospectus - grants
global population in sustainable development- call for evidence
peak oil discussion: "You don't have to take my word for it" just look at the evidence
So you think you have a pension? - you'd better think again
Natural Environment White Paper - input required - more opportunities for input
The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century : a fantastic book, 500 page encyclopaedia of current thinking
and others in

The library of Learning Resources: section on Global Financial crisis further expanded by extracts from sources all over the world.
People's Supermarket , Working example of a People's Supermarket and People's Supermarket, members handbook to help us start our own!
Bee keeping for the energy descent future by David Holmgren the Permaculture guru
How to organise a Regional Gathering - a guide and excellent and helpful guide for any largish meeting or conference
Also added is Personal Energy Descent Plan item of some very useful pointers that you may not have thought of yet, taken from the Powerswitch website.
nef: Where did our money go , Peak oil for visual thinkers and a new book Hirsh Report No 2: The Impending World Energy Mess

Elsewhere on the website you will find articles such as these
WREN: The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network - an example to us all!
Open Source Ecology - one of the best ideas for sustainable future I have ever come across - just have a look at it.
Community Power Cornwall, a new Industrial and Provident Society, owned by its members, which is setting out to develop and operate small to medium scale community owned renewable energy installations across the county
Superhomes @ Sustainable Energy Academy with over 70 'superhomes' to visit and see how renewable energy can work in your own home.
Patience, 'peak production' and 'peak demand'...
Needing your ideas for a ‘Transition Enabling Act’ - more opportunities for your ideas
Community plant medicine project - help needed - get involved in medicinal plant growing

The Local Food Directory now lists 92 entries and the Renewable Energy Directory has 32 entries

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