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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News Jan 2010

Hello everyone,

Spring is knocking on the door, feed-in tariffs have been confirmed and Cornwall Council is taking Transition seriously - welcome to January (little late) edition of Transition News.

Major news stories ( emerging in the past month include:

Feed-in tariffs finalised - these are the final tariffs for renewable energy installations and renewable heating systems that you can claim from April this year. Good time to install and good time to register.
Future of Smaller Settlements in Cornwall from Cornwall Council Cabinet – Planning Policy Advisory Panel - this will affect all of us.
UK 'could face power shortages' - Ofgem finally somebody is waking up to the energy problem
Low-carbon built environment - interesting article and comments
In Transition 1.0 - special offer - The Transition video now on special offer
January 2010 Transition Network newsletter - and the regular Network newsletter
clean energy from UK giant forest - somewhat misguided proposals for clean energy
Shell shareholder revolt over Canadian tar sands - best news I've heard for a long time
Methane spike from Siberian permafrost - and one of the worst
Petition for Davidstow windfarm - your chance to support our local wind farm proposal
£75bn offshore wind programme - new era for renewables?
Food crisis 'hidden' from public - warning from Soil Association
Another blow to our energy security - this is possibly the most alarming news for Europe as a whole. In a coupe of years time Russia will feel free to cut Europe's oil and gas supplies at will as they now do to Ukraine and others. A real wake up call.

Forthcoming events ( may be of interest to you:

10Feb2010: Climate Change & farming by The NFU and FWAG
12Feb2010: Copenhagen Review at Truro Cathedral
23Feb2010: APPGOPO: Peak Oil & Economic Growth at Parliament
25Feb2010: Orchard Workshop
25-26Feb2010: Timebanking training course for new/existing timebanking Brokers
2-4Mar2010: Ecobuild 2010 - major exhibition
4Mar2010: Transition to Resilience - Cornwall Council/ Transition Cornwall Network conference
4Mar2010: LINk Event, Bude
5Mar2010: Growing Collaboration Event 2010

And new items added to our library of Learning Resources (

Prosperity Without Growth : "Questioning growth is deemed to be the act of lunatics, idealists and revolutionaries. But question it we must."
Climate Safety : report from James Hansen : in summary : we may survive, but our grandchildren may not, free public sector data : reams of public sector data at your fingertips
Jeff Rubin - excellent video on energy : Powerful explanation of the realities of Peak Oil and the absolute necessity of imposing cost on Carbon - essential viewing !
Permaculture UK forum: A forum for the discussion of permaculture
Building with Straw Bales: A Practical Guide : Go and build it with bales!
15 Myths about Wind Energy : Top Myths About Wind Energy and the real answers

The Local Food Directory ( grown again and on the fun side you might like to look at Cottage Farm on Grand Design ( Yes, Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs Great British Refurb Campaign has published three exemplar stories of energy refurbishment of older properties, one of which is Cottage Farm!

Several new thread are developing at the General Discussion Forum and an few more organisations have been added to the Organizations Directory

In support of the Cornish Diet objectives Transition North Cornwall have developed a directory of Local Food Producers. Currently 66 producers have joined the project and more are being added. The directory is freely available at this website and producer entries are free of charge. Some 200 copies of a short version of the directory were handed out at the Bude exhibition and more are available for any future event.
Every producer can describe their business as they wish, including all their contact details and links to their own websites. Customers can leave comments (as replies to producers entries) on their experiences and quality of products and service. If you know of a good local food producer not yet on the list, do let me have their details and I will do the rest.

And finally, if anyone else wishes to borrow our Free Electricity Monitor , let me know. We found it to be invaluable in assessing where our electricity consumption is going and therefore what we can do about it.

Good luck with your preparations.

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