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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News June 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the lovely Goldilocks weather - not too hot and not too cold, but just right for growing your own...

We have a few more events and news to share with you:

17th June: Friends of the Earth, meeting:

18th June: Transition Bude: film 'A Farm for the Future' - This is a truly inspirational film for anyone interested in Transition or just sustainability.

Several other events in June, July and later here:

Have you heard that Ireland plans to become energy independent within 5 years? If Ireland can do it then Cornwall should certainly be able to not only become energy independent, but a net energy exporter. Click here for more:

Take note, even some politicians are becoming finally aware that recovery may not come as everyone expects, due to the next oil shock, probably in the next 6 months or so. here is an article by Vince Cable:

And on a similar subject, here is an article in the FT: An extract to wet your appetite 'This is a book about the implications of Peak Oil: the theory (Bit like the theory of gravity, theory of evolution, theory of relativity...) that the world’s oil production is past the highest level it will ever reach, or very close to it. ... Believers in Peak Oil are quick and often intemperate in defence of their views. Their zeal is understandable. If you had uncovered a truth that would mean the end of civilisation as we know it, but were being universally ignored, you too might seem a little wild-eyed ...

And here is how the Truro Cathedral (!) is preparing for Copenhagen 2009:

Take part in a Global Peak Oil survey here:

Have you seen 'Home' by Luc Besson? It's stunning and you can see it here:

Here is David Strahan's presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil, a definitive Peak Oil video presentation:

A few more Organisations have been added to that section. I like DASH for its practical approach:

New forums have been created:
General discussion forum:
Offered for sale or barter:
Wanted to buy or barter:

Feel free to use these to get or offer anything, including time/ labour, help with computers or whatever you are good at or just an unwanted gift.

Also a reminder, if you know of a good local FOOD supplier then add them here: or renewable energy supplier add here:

Also, you may be aware that the little dispute that has been distracting us from the real Transition work has been resolved. You may recall that the original TNC Society has closed itself down in favour of TNC Ltd (not for profit company limited by Guarantee, owned by its members) in order to protect its members and officers from financial liability. A few members of the Society wished to continue the Society, so they organised another meeting, but that meeting on 12th May has also confirmed the decision to disband the Society.

As a result TNC Ltd, its membership, this website and information about Transition work in North Cornwall will now hopefully be allowed to work as planned with no further distractions. Good thing too, with the next energy spike due within a few short months, lets concentrate on the good work done by us all in our various and individual ways. If you want to know more, click here:

And finally, here is a little idea I am distributing to our newly elected Councillors: The Cornish Diet It's a simple but effective way of getting the Cornish economy going at the same time as making Cornwall much more resilient. Would it not be great to get such a scheme adopted not only by the Council (for schools, colleges, hospitals and Council's own cafeterias), but also by local businesses, particularly by restaurants. Maybe we should offer a price for the first Cornish Diet restaurant in North Cornwall !

To become a member of Transition North Cornwall Ltd, just reply to this email confirming your wish to be a member and your contact details. We shall supply you with your membership number by return. Membership is free and members' liability is limited to just £1 each (the Constitution is here:

Good luck

Transition North Cornwall Ltd:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email:

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