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How to pay less for water

South West Water is reputed to have the highest water charges in the country. As we sink into the 21st century Decline and expensive/ scarce energy, these are bound to increase further, particularly in view of the fact that each Water company is a local monopoly.

But there are ways around this.

If you get at least some of your water from somewhere else, not only will your water charge reduce, but your waste water part of the bill will reduce in proportion.

To do that, you have basically two options: either have a bore hole installed or install a rain water collection system.

Bore hole system typically costs £5000-£7000, incl a large tank, pumps, pressure vessel and filters, incl UHV filter.

Rain collecting system would typically be £2000 or £3000 cheaper, or you may be even able to install one yourself. It is a doable job for anyone with a bit of plumbing experience or DIY skills.

Whichever system you consider, it can be set up in such a way that the mains water is on standby, just in case something goes wrong with your private system.

When calculation payback period, do bear in mind that prices have risen in the past and will rise in the future. For example, if your water charges have risen by 5% per year for the past couple of years, that means your charges will DOUBLE every 14 years. If you think, like I do, that water charges will increase faster in the future, you may be looking at doubling every 7-10 years.

In addition to the financial benefit, you also have the following advantages:
1. Your water is clean and completely chemical free
2. Your water is safe. If we begin to experience extended power cuts, pretty soon the water supplies will start to fail - but not yours.

We had our water system installed by an excellent company. If you are interested, email me.

Good luck