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Local Food Directory

This is our free directory to local food producers in suport of the Cornish Diet idea: 80%+ of your food produced in Cornwall. Miles better value than any supermarket : Reduction in food miles and energy use + Better for the local economy: more jobs + Increase in food security + Better animal welfare + Better social cohesiveness + Better value for money + Better deal for farmers + Better quality, fresher + Reskilling in traditional food preparation.
Free entries for Cornwall based food suppliers. Just click on 'Add new comment' describing your local food business or use the 'Contact us' form to send in your advert/ message to publish.
To comment on a producer, click on the producer item and click 'reply' at the bottom of the page.

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Mass Registration Event for local food suppliers-Cornwall/Devon

As you know. I am starting a new venture for Bude and the surrounding area.
Bude for Food Assembly is a new concept in selling exclusively local food to local people in a really convenient way.

The Bude for Food Assembly will open for business on on 26th November with the first Assembly held on 3rd December. To ensure all is ready for the grand opening all the initial producers need to be registered by the end of this weekend.

To help you do that we shall be holding a Mass Registration Event this Saturday 2-3pm or later as necessary at Cottage Farm, Jacobstow EX23 0BU. By the end of that day we shall have our initial 30+ local food producers registered and these suppliers will form the backbone of the system for the foreseeable future, New producers will be accepted later if they fit well with the initial set of producers.

We expect to be selling to several hundred local customers each week from then on and to that end we are planning several major awareness raising events between now and the opening. The first few Assemblies will be really special, falling as they do just before Christmas, we expect brisk business both for food and gifts.

If you think you might like to participate as a producer, you need to register as a member, then select Bude as your Assembly and then 'open My Producer Folder' on the website and enter details of your business as well as the first few items for sale.

Detail instructions of how to do that are below, but if you would prefer to get help, just pop in to see us tomorrow, Saturday 8th November between 2 and 3pm and I will help you with the process. We will have 4 PCs available as well as a wifi network, so you can bring your own notebook and work on that. You will need to bring with you a bank statement (for your banking details including 'IBAN' and 'SWIFT' codes) and ideally a memory stick with picture/logo of your business, plus pictures of the first few products you plan to offer. It can all be changed or added later, so don't worry. Main think is to get familiar with the system so that you can work with it later by yourself.

See you on Saturday


How does The Food Assembly work:

1.Local food producers register free of charge at the Food Assembly website and enter details of their products and offers.
2.Customers pre-order and pay on-line in a single easy transaction for their complete weekly shop (the customer page is organised by product type, not producer, just like shops).
3. Each producer automatically receives confirmation of all the orders taken.
4. Each week there is a 'Food Assembly' where customers collect all their pre-ordered shopping and each producer delivers all the orders to the place of the Assembly, which will be normally held each Wednesday from 5 to 7pm at Rosie's restaurant at Crooklets Beach.
We plan to offer to pick up orders from producers who are unable or unwilling to attend the Assembly
5. Customers and producers meet at the Assembly, get to know each other, handover of pre-paid products takes place in accordance with computer generated lists. Producers may also sell excess produce for cash at the Assembly.
6. We plan to make the weekly Assemblies into social occasions with drinks, entertainment, lectures, demonstrations, music etc.
7. All the payments are dealt with automatically and food producers can expect to receive their payment 10-14 days after the Assembly (to allow for confirmation of all handovers and possible corrections)
8. Producers will receive 83.3% of the value of their sales, with 8.35% going to the Host (that is myself) for expenses and time and 8.35% goes to the Food Assembly organisation to cover software development, bank transfer fees and staff costs. Prices are at producer's discretion.

You can register here:
Here is a great pictorial guide to the whole system:
Here is a step by step guide to registering your products:

Producer registration instructions

The website is not exactly intuitive for producer registrations. This is how I did it:
1. Having registered as a member, in the top left corner there is a little button: get your cursor over it (it will change to down arrow) and click. Then select 'my producer folder' from the drop down menu. That brings in a new screen with five sections:
2. Click on section 'profile' and fill in details of your firm. Press 'save' and 'back'
3. Click on 'delivery availability', fill in and save and back
4. Click 'photo gallery' and upload one picture - your firm, not individual products
5. Click on 'company information' and fill n the details. Part of the bank details is your 'IBAN' and 'SWIFT' codes - used to transfer money into your bank account. Both of these can be found on your bank statement. IBAN includes, SWIFT code is without spaces spaces.

And that is - now the HQ will check your information, might ask you questions and will tell you in couple of days time that you are 'approved'

In the meantime, on the left hand side, click on the house - and select the Assemblies you wish to supply. Currently the only nearby is Bude, but we or somebody may open up also in Launceston, Holsworthy, and/or Camelford.

And finally, don't be put off. I am more than happy to come and visit you to help or if you prefer come to Cottage Farm EX23 0BU and learn or do here.

Good luck !


Paul Sousek

Cottage Farm Organics and Bude Food Assembly

Tel: 01840 230 548 Mobile: 079 0529 0530 email:

Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, Cornwall, EX23 0BU

Food Assembly:

On-line shop:

Information: (Click Food Directory and look up Cottage Farm)


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