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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Local Food Directory

This is our free directory to local food producers in suport of the Cornish Diet idea: 80%+ of your food produced in Cornwall. Miles better value than any supermarket : Reduction in food miles and energy use + Better for the local economy: more jobs + Increase in food security + Better animal welfare + Better social cohesiveness + Better value for money + Better deal for farmers + Better quality, fresher + Reskilling in traditional food preparation.
Free entries for Cornwall based food suppliers. Just click on 'Add new comment' describing your local food business or use the 'Contact us' form to send in your advert/ message to publish.
To comment on a producer, click on the producer item and click 'reply' at the bottom of the page.

Enter your postcode to find local food:

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February Local Food News from BigBarn

February Local Food News

February News

We have seen a big increase in visitors this month due to; Yet another food scandal contributing to people losing trust in the supermarket. Gordon Ramsay getting BigBarn on The Times top food websites.

So in this newsletter, we review how you can use all the features, thinking about switching from the supermarket to local.

To read our latest blog about horse meat, bute in lasagne, and a butcher on BigBarn saying that if he put horse in his burgers locals would throw bricks through his window, click here:

Our thanks to Gordon Ramsay for getting us in The Times top 50 food websites.

“The UK has some of the most incredible farmers markets in the world with truly passionate producers offering quality fresh food. However, often it is hard to know where to start. Bigbarn is a virtual farmers market that focuses on local produce and local trade. It is really simple to use and helps to reconnect consumers with their local producers.”

We are now hoping to get the BigBarn map and MarketPlace on the Gordon Ramsay website and are waiting to hear from his operations team:

BigBarn on the radio

Ant was 'down the line' with Jules and her 'Scoff and Quaff' program at Channel Radio this week. We will be working on getting more of this type of PR and hope to include local members wherever possible.

To listen again to the 15 minute slot about BigBarn and local food click here:

Regular customers with BigBarn

As more consumers visit BigBarn and find you we want them to see why they should visit you and become a regular customer.

So here is a reminder of some of the features you can use in our admin system.

1. Fieldpower Organics in local & national media

Partnerships with local magazines and newspapers are a brilliant way to promote our content and BigBarn members.

We package our map and MarketPlace for their websites, like those listed above, and pay commission for any sales through MarketPlace. We also allow each partner access to 'features' on BigBarn members like Fieldpower Organics:

2. News and Offers

To encourage new customers to visit we promote 'news an offers' via BigBarn webpages.

News will automatically be included in our consumer newsletter to all recipients within 20 miles of your postcode. We might even be linking up with O2 and their offers.

3. Video to tell your story

A video is easy to make and a fantastic way to tell prospective customers why they should switch from the supermarket to you. This might include filming the inside of your shop and a quick interview with the manager or owner.

You can make your video on a phone or digital camera, in one 'take', upload it to You tube, then put the video number in BigBarn admin.

This will change the shape of your icon and attract more hits. To win customers try and include comments like; 'great service', 'reasonably priced', or 'some products cheaper than the supermarket, like for like', or, 'your weekly shop'. For help call us on 01480 890 970.

4. Online Shop in MarketPlace

Sales in our MarketPlace are growing, with grocery online sales expected to reach £9b by 2015. Our e-commerse system allows you to 'dip your toe in', without the high cost, fraud worry, and technical skills:

Think about using discount codes and join seasonal promotions with partner websites. Our aim is to help you buy online.

5. Become a community champion

You can become the centre of the local food community and a community champion. You simply allow local growers to bring in what they have grown on the understanding that you will give them 70% of the retail price, in credit notes, for anything you sell.

This could give you a wider range of produce and some new regular customers. We hope to find a sponsor this year so that we can send, every member opted in, packets of seeds to give to customers. Especially mums with kids. If you haven't seen our Crop for the Shop in schools on the BBC click here:

Anthony Davison
BigBan CIC
01480 890 970