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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Local Food Directory

This is our free directory to local food producers in suport of the Cornish Diet idea: 80%+ of your food produced in Cornwall. Miles better value than any supermarket : Reduction in food miles and energy use + Better for the local economy: more jobs + Increase in food security + Better animal welfare + Better social cohesiveness + Better value for money + Better deal for farmers + Better quality, fresher + Reskilling in traditional food preparation.
Free entries for Cornwall based food suppliers. Just click on 'Add new comment' describing your local food business or use the 'Contact us' form to send in your advert/ message to publish.
To comment on a producer, click on the producer item and click 'reply' at the bottom of the page.

Enter your postcode to find local food:

Eat Seasonably

Eat Seasonably celebrates eating the right things at the right time: a crisp salad when it’s hot and sunny, a wholesome stew when it’s cold; strawberries in June, brussel sprouts in December.

Each fruit or vegetable has a prime time when it’s at its seasonal best. That means extra flavour, extra crunch, extra juiciness - all super-fresh and great value. So, find out what’s at its best each month and access exclusive tips and recipes from the top chefs supporting the campaign.

Includes great little interactive calender of foods in season -

and a list of the best foods to grow in your garden -

Eating seasonably means:

Better taste – top chefs agree that fresh seasonal produce is best

Better value – our research has shown that a basket of fruit and veg bought in the summer can be as much as a third cheaper than the same basket bought out of season

Better for the planet – growing in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs than at other times of the year

We’ve launched a nationwide campaign to help you enjoy fruit and veg at its seasonal best. Eat Seasonably is backed by major supermarkets and small market stall-holders alike, as well as cafes, pubs, restaurants and some of the nation’s favourite charities. Top chefs and leading food organisations are also on board.

What it means for you is better labelling and clearer signposting of when fruits and vegetables are in season, as well as promotions and offers to make them even more tasty. Plus there are events all summer to get involved in. Join in!

Eating seasonably is also a great way of eating more sustainably. Growing fruit and veg in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs like heating, lighting, pesticides and fertilisers than at other times of the year. So seasonable produce has a lower environmental impact.

Eating seasonably is also a great first step towards thinking about the wider environmental implications of your diet. In fact, there are many ways to decrease the impact of what you and your family eat.

Some links to things you can do today:

Support environmentally friendly farming by buying organic produce?–?Soil Association
Cut down your meat intake: livestock farming is one of the most significant causes of climate change?–?Compassion in World Farming
Choose fish from sustainable sources?–?Marine Stewardship Council
Avoid bottled water and instead enjoy it from the tap?–?Tap campaign
Waste less of the food you buy ?–?Love Food Hate Waste
Compost your food waste ?–?Recyclenow
Avoid products with unnecessary packaging and recycle it where possible ?–?Recyclenow

(Principles of Sustainable Food courtesy of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming; Waste tips from Defra)