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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Climate Friendly Food International

Climate Friendly Food International

CFF will facilitate low-carbon food programs developing in other countries this will form an international network of initiatives that are resilient and self-replicating, based on a Transition model of positive information. The Climate Friendly Food model can be replicated by organisations in any country and our programme will support the growth of international partners. The calculator CFF has developed is international and our certification system can be replicated easily in any language.

CFF intends to undertake the following:

International ambassadors - recruit at least three ambassadors, ideally artists involved with Artists Project Earth, to help us reach the widest possible international audience.

International Youtube broadcasts and free webinars – organise several web events to engage and inspire groups to develop a low carbon food programme (with or without the Climate Friendly Food branding)

Small start up grants to grassroots initiatives – based on a application / scoring process.

Create tool kits in English, French, Spanish and German – organise translation services to get toolkits online and free-of-charge

Consultation toolkit – include information about how to set up online consultations, how to identify producers and consumers to consult and sample questions

Calculator toolkit – the farm business calculator we have currently developed is based on international and national datasets. We will identify how to research national datasets and have information about the limitations of data since carbon foot printing of food is very much in its infancy.

Certification toolkit based on Participatory Guarantee Systems – (see for info about this low-cost alternative to third party organic certification) – offer templates in other languages of the three key documents: application form based on compliance with the IFOAM Norms (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements Organic Standards), farmer pledges (bronze, silver and gold) and farmer-to-farmer inspection report.

CFF to have its own web designer – if groups are opting for our branding we will organise and pay for their own nation CFF website. If they want to set up a similar scheme but develop their own procedures and branding style then we will also support them

Technical support and mentoring toolkit - web links to information about low-carbon farming and ways to encourage farmers to support one another.

Launch, marketing and PR toolkit

Demonstration farm tool kit – there is no absolute model for a low-carbon farm but demonstration and farm visits are powerful tools for adopting pro-environmental behaviours. The demonstration vegetable farm that we are developing in the UK will be fully organic and have rich-soil farming techniques, green manuring, agroforestry, (nuts, fruit and coppice), biochar production, renewable energy, electric tractors and delivery vehicles. All vegetables will be sold to families on low-incomes and it will have volunteering opportunities, training and health & wellbeing promotion.

Offer 2 days equivalent advice per group via email or Skype

Through offering leadership and capacity building in low carbon food programs we believe that within two years we can support a new world view for a food culture that is based on environment, health and social justice. One of our key messages is that carbon sequestration from rich-soil farming could be so powerful that it may have the potential to turn back the global carbon clock.

The development of this work is subject to funding applications. If they are successful CFF will begin the international programme in January 2010.

Management & Fundraising - Jenny Hall (01744 894284)

Calculator & Website – Jonathan Smith (01720 423663)

Calculator & Marketing – Mukti Mitchell (01237 431753)