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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

The Transition Network Newsletter September 2013

The Transition Network Newsletter
September 2013

Supporting community-led responses to climate change
and shrinking supplies of cheap energy,
building resilience and happiness.

From warm days of doing less, we bring you learnings from Van Gogh, a Koosh Ball and Research. Two new books, tempting events including the Transition Camp, Seeds, Work That Reconnects and Inspiring Communities. Plus inspiring enterprises and the latest Free Press edition. The Monthly News Round Up is moving to mid-month publication from now on so we skip one this time.

The New Economy in 20 Enterprises report released!
Chosen from a list of 120 enterprises from across the UK, 'The New Economy in 20 Enterprises' is a fantastic new report with a list of enterprises that could be replicable in any community, a kind of 'Transition Town Anywhere'. What distinguishes them is that each of these enterprises demonstrates a different way of working from business as usual – they are sustainable, offer some social benefits and have shared ownership, while providing essential goods and services for the community in which they make their home.

Transition Free Press No.3
Hitting doorsteps and Transition streets in 50+ hubs across the UK and now online. The Autumn issue runs wild, forages for books and cherry plums, gets smart about community energy and heritage seeds, stands with indigenous peoples, speaks with George Monbiot, rides the lemon bus in Sussex and a canal boat in the Midlands, rides a cargo bike and sits down at a table with fifty people in East Anglia, jumps into a lochan in Scotland, honours elders in Liverpool, makes cider in the North country, makes connections everywhere and a hundred other ingenious, friendly moves in the direction of a low carbon future.


What Van Gogh can teach us about education and learning
Rob Hopkins asks how did Van Gogh get to be so good, and what might we draw (if you'll pardon the pun) from that?

A Human Being is Like a Koosh Ball
Sophy Banks spent a week of nature connection, creating a thriving temporary village, of learning about what helps us to really come alive as connected, energised humans.

Transition Research Network Learning Day
Does Transition have a theory of change? if so what is it? A group met in Bristol in July to explore the topic.

"This is an Unprecedented Opportunity"
An interview with Nafeez Ahmed. Regularly writing about peak oil, climate change, geopolitics and how they all overlap in the Guardian, he is one of the most illuminating voices in the British media at the moment.


The Book of a Long Walk is Born

In 2010 Steph Bradley walked 2000 miles all around England collecting the stories of a people in Transition. She has now finished writing the stories of those people, and of her long pilgrimage. A 150 limited edition version will be ready in time for the launch on the 19th October.

Snake Oil: How Fracking's False Promise Imperils Our Future.
Richard Heinberg's new book is the first to look at fracking from both economic and environmental perspectives, informed by thorough analysis of shale gas and oil drilling data.

Bulk Book Discount: The Power of Doing Stuff
Green Books are offering a special discount to Transition Initiatives for bulk orders to their Transition related books. 30% off orders over £50 and 40% for orders of 100+ copies, until 30 Sep 2013. Full details here:


New Transition Training, 'Resilient Food Systems', launches
13-14 September, London
In order to make the Transition to a resilient food system, it’s important to act now. Start to make your farm, or food business meet the challenges and ensure you are poised to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise, without falling victim to the many challenges that lie ahead.
More about the course:
The designer of a new course offered through Transition Training, Marina O'Connell is a fruit grower, a Transition and permaculture trainer is interviewed by Rob Hopkins:

You can now take our Transition Launch training online, starting October 1st.
Transition Launch Online is the online version of our very popular face to face fundamentals course in the skills and practices of Transition, but with the strengths of being online- you can do this course in your own time in your own home from anywhere in the world, and if you miss a segment, a recording is always available. Sign up now:

Transition; Launch
Transition LAUNCH is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition showing you how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative.
September 14-15 Totnes

Transition; Thrive
Want help taking your Transition Initiative to the next level? This two day workshop will help you to Thrive.
St Andrews, Scotland, November 16-17th
Totnes, December 7-8th

Train the Trainers
Want to deliver our Transition trainings in your country?
Our next residential train the trainers course deadline for applications is September 14th
October 29th- November 2nd, Belgium

Inner Transition
The territory of “Inner Transition” is broad, powerful, fascinating and sometimes challenging to pin down, to explain or to organise. This two day workshop explores the inner dimension of the shift to a future we really want.
September 21-22nd, London


The Transition Camp
4-6 October, Sussex
The theme this year is 'open hearted connections'. Highlights include:

Sarah McAdam Transition Network Delivery Director will be there to take the pulse of Transition
Sophie Banks - Inner Transition & Training is our keynote speaker on Sunday
Practical workshops & talks include bike maintenance, bees, felt making, fire making, a ukulele workshop, stargazing (hopefully), biochar, wild food foraging and seed saving.
Inner connections include storytelling (including Steph Bradley), Awaken your voice, gong bath, Qi Gong, Heart Math and poetry.
Plus open mic music round the fire, a sauna, delicious food included and as well as a full weekend of workshops for adults and kids, time to just enjoy being.
Adult tickets only £50 (until 30th September). Family & day tickets available.

Inspiring Communities conference
24th September, Nottingham
The conference unites experts from leading community initiatives like Totally Locally, Empty Shops Network, Pop-Up Shops, Secret Kitchen, Incredible Edible, Eco Houses and the Skills Exchange.

Work That Reconnects Workshops and Facilitator Training
Workshops to strengthen our capacity to respond to concerns about the world, drawing on the empowerment approach of Joanna Macy and colleagues.
12-15th Sept in North Wales with Chris Johnstone and Madeleine Mauwer
20-22nd Sept near Bath with Jenny Mackewn and Chris Johnstone
28th Sept near Worcester with Kirsti Norris and Will Tooby.
Plus year-long facilitator training starts Oct 18th.

Human Scale Economics & Enterprise
Sep 21-22 Bristol
Workshop for anyone with a desire to transform their local economy.

Rob Hopkins' USA Visit
While watching ’An Inconvenient Truth’, Rob realised that he just couldn’t fly anymore. This has been much debated, but now after much reflection, he has made an exception after being asked to go to the US in October to speak with foundations about the power of local action to address the ecological and economic crises we face in light of passing 400 ppm. This doesn’t open the door to now flying here, there and everywhere. This is a very particular invitation that has been looked at entirely on its own merits. To make the most of this unique trip across the Atlantic, Rob will visit a number of Transition Initiatives across the USA.

Seed & Food Freedom Fortnight of Action
2–16 October
Vandana Shiva invites us all to organise and combine our collective energies to take back our seeds, our food, our freedom.

More Transition related events here


Quote of the month
"It’s so important that people who are already active and exploring ideas and solutions recognise that all we need to do is start speaking out and giving more coherence to that story"
Nafeez Ahmed


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