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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Transition Tavistock’s Newsletter August 2013

Welcome to Transition Tavistock’s Newsletter
August 2013

1. Green Drinks – come and have a natter each month! 1
2. Food and Energy Group News 1
3. Celebrating Summer with GrowTavi at Freed Range Farm 3
4. Inner Transition 4
5. Totally Locally Tavistock 4
6. Tavistock and District – Local Economic Blueprint 5
7. Tavistock College is now a Solar School 6
8. Tamar Grow Local and Tamar Valley Food Hub 6
9. News from Tavistock Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Tavistock Enterprise Hub and Tavistock Town Team 6
10. Tavistock Garden Festival and Tavistock Community Day 7
11. Tavistock Car Club 8
12. Renewable energy planning 8
13. Community Supported Woodlands 8
14. Electric Bikes in Devon - from Kit Harbottle 9
15. Reader scheme at Tavistock Library 9
16. Update from South Brent 10
17. Skills Share – Tavistock and area 10
18. Local news and links 10
19. Forthcoming Dates 10
20. And Finally ... 10

1. Green Drinks – come and have a natter each month!
September Green Drinks – come and join our Green Drinks on Tuesday 10th September (19:30 till 21:30) at the Market Inn, corner of Whitchurch Road and Pixon Lane in Tavistock.

2. Food and Energy Group News
The Food and Energy group met on the 25th July at Tavistock Enterprise Hub. We’re making good progress with a Community Garden area in the Meadows; and Tavistock Renewable Energy Network has taken another step forward.
Our next meeting is at the Hub on Thursday August 29th – 19:30 to 21:30. Do come and join us if you’re interested.

Food and Growing Initiatives
Buying food and drink locally has received a boost from the Totally Locally campaign; and Tamar Valley Food Hubs is progressing well (see below).

Community growing in the Meadows
We’re working with another local organisation to co-manage the Rose Walk and its flowerbeds with Tavistock Town Council; and to breathe new life into the garden areas between the canal and the tennis courts. If you’d like to get involved please let us know.
We’re also looking for a volunteer to work with a group of people helping out with the gardening a couple of Wednesday afternoons a month starting in September. If this is of interest please give Kate a call on 07969-569-444 or email

Garden Share Scheme
Do you have a garden to share with others or would you love to grow your own fruit and veg, but need some space.? If the answer is yes, our Garden Share Scheme may be just the ticket. Do get in touch (

Energy Initiatives

Tavistock Renewable Energy Network (TREN)We’re making an application to Co-operatives UK this month for support to establish TREN as a co-operative for community benefit. If you want to get an idea of what’s possible for Tavistock check out you’d like to become one of the founder members and help shape a local energy future for Tavistock – if democratising energy for local people rather than for the Big 6 energy companies is important to you and/or you have specialised knowledge, or you could provide help on the legal side, communications, finances etc. please get in touch. We’d love to have you on board as we embark further on this journey.Call or email – (07969-569-444)Look out for more news during Community Energy Fortnight

South West Devon Community Energy Partnership (SWD CEP)
The SWD CEP’s Energy Study for W. Devon, S. Hams and DNPA has now been released and is available to download at The study was undertaken by the University of Exeter.

Here’s the Press Release:
With rising energy bills, more households in fuel poverty, the Green Deal making headlines and local authorities receiving a greater number of enquiries and applications for renewable energy installations, one local partnership is approaching the cost of energy head on.
The South West Devon Community Energy Partnership is a unique network of local authorities, including Devon County Council, with community energy and environmental groups throughout the South Hams, West Devon and Dartmoor National Park [including Transition Tavistock]. The partnership has been supported through the SEACS project, match funded by Devon County Council and the EU Interreg IVa programme.
“The SWD CEP quickly realised that in order to influence policy and guidance within our area we needed to establish a robust evidence base. Therefore, to focus our future working we commissioned the University of Exeter to provide a study of South West Devon. This is an independent assessment of current energy consumption and opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy generation across the area.” said Kate Royston, Chair of the SWD CEP.
The study has provided some surprising results which have impacts for the South West Devon area and the future potential for energy resilience for all sectors. Current energy consumption is divided in, approximately, equal thirds between the transport, domestic and non-domestic sectors. This energy consumption results in approximately £0.4 billion being spent on energy in SW Devon – equivalent to about a fifth of the economic output of the area or about 15,000 full time jobs. Effectively each person is spending £2,600 each year on energy within this area.
Overall, energy demand could fall by 13% by 2022 as a result of government policy, despite population growth. But the study highlights that the implementation of government policy requires significant action at a local level. In spite of this, it is estimated that the benefits of reductions in energy demand could be more than offset by rises in energy prices, meaning that overall over this period total spending on energy is likely to increase if no further action is taken.
Sixty per cent of the non-domestic electricity consumption in the study area is used by just 2% of the meters, meaning that across South West Devon there are relatively few large business consumers of energy (perhaps up to 280) which can be helped to reduce their energy costs.
The University of Exeter also examined the potential for renewable energy generation across the area looking at the opportunity to meet our energy requirements through a mix of technologies including hydropower, wind, geothermal, marine, biofuels, solar, biomass and heatpumps. This indicates that although a huge step-change in delivery would be required, South West Devon has the natural resources to meet a high proportion of its demand for energy, especially once energy demand is reduced through efficiency measures.
Transport is responsible for 38% of the energy consumption and over half the area’s spend. This is due to the rural nature of the area, the high percentage of single car occupancy and the lack of availability of public transport.
The study indicates that the greatest opportunities in the domestic sector are from solid wall insulation, encouraging further behavioural changes and installing micro-generation renewables.
The study was presented to local councillors and officers from South Hams, West Devon, Devon County and Dartmoor National Park in June.
“Understanding all the dynamics, costs and impacts of how we use and create energy in our communities is essential for the future, and this study will help us to do that. We must now look carefully at the evidence and the implications for our residents.” said Councillor Oxborough.
The study is being used by the SWD CEP to discuss what the energy objectives for the area should be, what would be achievable, and what projects should be prioritised for maximum effect.
In parallel the SWD CEP is developing a number of initiatives across the area including community training, events and impartial advice on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport, together with stakeholder engagement and consultation on policies.

We’ll keep you posted as these initiatives are rolled out!

3. Celebrating Summer with GrowTavi at Freed Range Farm
Grow Tavi is a community forum to discuss all aspects of local food production, supply and consumption and is a joint initiative from TaVi, Transition Tavistock and Tamar Grow Local.

On Saturday 6th July GrowTavi was hosted by Liz and Nick Whitwell at Freed Range Farm, Mill Hill. It was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the weather, exchange views and experiences on local food, and have a good look around the Farm. Liz and Nick explained the different aspects of their hen, sheep and pig husbandry; and the importance of being able to sell into a local market.
Liz: “It was a really great day to be able to share our thoughts and practical experiences on low impact food production”

The farm visit was rounded off with a discussion about local projects; the plight of the bee population; the merits of fermented food (more soon); and a barbecue with Freed Range slow roasted shoulder of pork and sausages!

If you’d like to know more about Freed Range Farm check out

Our next GrowTavi will be celebrating the Harvest. More details shortly.

4. Inner Transition
For details of Inner Transition, contact Al on 01822 616083 or email

5. Totally Locally Tavistock
Saturday July 13th saw the launch of Totally Locally Tavistock. Tavistock is the latest of many towns across the UK to take up the Totally Locally campaign. This free initiative supports Tavistock’s traders to show the value of local shopping and its benefits for the local economy. The key message is Invest in your Town, Invest in your Future.
“This is a chance for locals to discover Tavistock’s great shops and businesses, and the real difference they make to our town,” said local resident Rachel Harrison-French.
The Totally Locally team is passionate about living locally and believes that the future of our towns is in their shops and businesses, their owners and the communities that build around them when they thrive. They believe the benefits to the environment from living a Totally Locally lifestyle are huge and necessary to create a sustainable future for Britain. They practice what they preach.
The Totally Locally team invested a huge amount of effort in preparing for the event – with the support of many others across the town. Transition Tavistock offers our continuing support and congratulations on their impact so far!
The Launch was celebrated by a Fiver Fest campaign where more than sixty businesses across the town offered good value purchases for £5. The Fiver Fest message is that if every adult in Tavistock was to spend £5 in the town’s independent stores on a regular basis it would give the economy a real boost!

6. Tavistock and District – Local Economic Blueprint
We’re talking to stakeholders in Tavistock and across the district about an important initiative we’d like to kick off in the next couple of months – the Tavistock Local Economic Blueprint. Totnes have undertaken a similar exercise ( and they would like to mentor us through the process.

What is It?
· An executable roadmap identifying how the economy of Tavistock and District can be protected and enhanced
· Building on its unique strengths and skills
o Focused on key sectors for development
· Demonstrating, through evidence based research, the worth to be gained through:
o developing more demand for local products and services
o delivered by local independent businesses
o using a supply chain closer to home

More on this next month …

7. Tavistock College is now a Solar School
Tavistock College have successfully won the chance to become a Solar School in 2013/2014. We’ve helped get the initiative off the ground and wil be behind the College all the way.
It’s an opportunity to work with the community, with the help of the 10:10 Solar Schools campaign, to raise money to install solar panels to help power the college!!

8. Tamar Grow Local and Tamar Valley Food Hub
Tamar Grow Local (
Tamar Grow Local’s local markets over the coming month can be found here:
Look out for our tent at Cotehele Quay, Calstock, Royal William Yard in Plymouth and at other local events in the Tamar Valley area
On sale you’ll find locally made mustards, crisps, flour, apple juice and honey and a great selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers throughout the year. You’ll also be able to sign up for local food projects such as bee-keeping courses and community supported agriculture (CSA) schemes including half-a-pig and a box-of-beef.
Where possible produce will be delivered along the river by SailTrade’s Shamrock, a tradition Yealm crabber built in the 1890s. SailTrade are looking to develop a viable, low carbon transport network linking food producers and markets around the Tamar Valley so we are very proud to have them involved.
2013 Market Dates
If you’d like to be kept updated, please join us on Facebook follow us on Twitter or revisit this page as we will be adding more events throughout the year

17th & 18th Calstock Regatta
31st Cotehele Quay
1st Royal William Yard – Plymouth
7th – Calstock
28th Cotehele Quay
5th Calstock
6th Royal William Yard – Plymouth
26th Tamar Trails Open Day
15th Harrowbarrow & Metherell Christmas Fair

If you would like to supply our mixed produce stall or have stall of your own at these events, please contact Rachael Forster for further details.

Tamar Valley Food Hubs (
… continues to flourish.
The Tamar Valley Food Hub is an exciting new way to shop for local and seasonal food and drink.
To find out more check out the website.
And remember … orders need to be in by midnight on a Tuesday!

9. News from Tavistock Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Tavistock Enterprise Hub and Tavistock Town Team

Tavistock Chamber of Commerce
There has been much discussion over the last couple of months on the merits of Tesco occupying the old Focus site. A vote was taken at an extraordinary general meeting and 70% of those who voted opposed the idea of Tesco moving onto the site.

There’s no doubt that their presence could have a negative impact on a number of businesses in the Town Centre; and we would clearly prefer to see the site occupied by an independent business(es) of some sort! However, whilst the possibility remains that the site could be available for a supermarket, the site’s lease costs may well only be affordable by a few large organisations with deep pockets!

Tavistock Enterprise Hub
Tavistock Enterprise Hub is going from strength to strength. Over the last few weeks there has been a chance to draw breath … and a number of touches have been appearing such as smart signs on office doors. The large meeting room has also been refurbished and can accommodate a good number of people Board Room or Conference style.

If you need some space for a meeting, a hot desk from time to time … or even a permanent desk or office check out If you haven’t had a chance to see it get in touch with Adam Fleet and drop by for a coffee (

Tavistock Town Team
The Town Team have completed their analysis of the Town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and a number of priorities have been agreed, including Tavistock’s importance as a destination for good local food and drink.
A number of projects are being considered for support by the Town Team including Totally Locally Tavistock. More news next month …

10. Tavistock Garden Festival and Tavistock Community Day
Tavistock Garden Festival was great fun. We had lots of visitors to our stands and particular thanks to Endsleigh Nursery and The Edible Flower Company for their support with plants, trees and edible flowers to decorate the stand.The weather was kind as well … at least until Monday lunch time.Tavistock Community Day Saturday 7th September (10-13:30) will see us
(Transition Tavistock) at the Community Day event in Bedford Square. We’ll be celebrating Community Energy Fortnight and look forward to seeing you there.If you’d like to come and help on the stall or just come along and chat about what we’re doing, we’d love to see you.

11. Tavistock Car Club
Tavistock Car Club hit the streets of Tavistock during the annual Carnival on Saturday 20th July.Don’t just keep thinking about joining the car club, just go to the website ( and sign up!Want to avoid the cost and hassle of car ownership? Only have a car when you need one ...Try ...Tavistock Car ClubA shared car for members parked in Guildhall carpark Book online … or via your smart phone£3.95 per hour, 15p per mile
Want to know more? Want to see the car?Give John a call on 01822-618960 or visit

12. Renewable energy planning
Transition Tavistock and the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership have submitted a response to support West Devon’s guidance documents on renewable energy.
The documents are available on

13. Community Supported Woodlands
It’s taken us a bit of time to organise a meeting, but invites have just gone out to those people who have expressed an interest in getting together to help support and manage an area of local woodland.
If you haven’t heard about a get together but are interested … please get in touch … contact

As part of the Cordiale project a number of tools and guidance documents have been developed. These will be available soon …

14. Electric Bikes in Devon - from Kit Harbottle
Electric Bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, eco-friendly, fast and hassle free travel. Almost 200 million of them have been sold worldwide already, and they’re beginning to become very popular in Europe too, particularly on the continent. Electric bicycles (often called e-Bikes) are here to stay – they’re becoming part of our future sustainable transport system.
Petrol prices aren’t going down. The cost of filling your car weekly now sits at around £70. Add to the expense of fuel the car insurance, services and MOT, car tax, wear and tear, depreciation, parking and repairs.
Cycling is hard work too! There are some who relish the challenge, but for the average commuter anything is better than arriving at work dripping wet!
The vast majority of our journeys on the whole cover short distances. Perhaps you’re driving across town to go to the shops, or taking the time to visit friends and family, but do we really need to jump into a car, which usually weigh over a tonne, and drive such a short distance?
The concept of an electric bike is totally new to most. The industry is new and emerging, and there is a general lack of accessible high-quality information, and quite often the public are wary of new technology. Yet the advantages of e-bikes include staying fitter, no licence required, easy re-fuelling, use on roads and cycle paths, less exertion and help on Devon’s hills.
Electric bikes can also mean more time to do what you want, more money spare to do what you want, the chance to get from A to B and enjoy the scenery en route - and of course help to reduce carbon emissions and their effect on the planet.
The Diocese of Exeter and Devon Churches Green Action will be arranging a series a test ride opportunities with Powerpedals from South Molton for anyone who would like to try an electric bike, including at Exeter Green Fair on Cathedral Green on Saturday 7th September. Please contact Martyn Goss at the Old Deanery, Exeter for further details: (01392-294940)

Dartmoor National Park have also had good news - £4.4m investment from Government to help improve the area’s cycling infrastructure.

15. Reader scheme at Tavistock Library
Devon Libraries and The Reader Organisation work in partnership to deliver 12 facilitated shared reading groups across Devon. We have 5 Library Memory groups for those with dementia and their carers, and 7 Feel Better with a Book groups for people who want a mood lift, something positive to try out, or to meet new people.

TAVISTOCK Feel Better With a Book Group:
Relax and listen to great stories and poems read aloud. Share responses over a cup of tea.

Tavistock Library - Wednesdays from 2-3.30pm

Opportunities to get involved.
If you like the sound of shared reading groups, please go along and join in on a Wednesday afternoon. The facilitator is Caroline. Let us know what you think.

If you are passionate about books, there are also opportunities for volunteering as group assistants or to be trained by the Reader Organisation to facilitate community groups. Check out the website and give me a call : Sarah 01364 653994

16. Update from South Brent
SBCES’s AGM will be on the 14th SeptemberSee for more details. One Turbine – 100% Community.“We're expecting our wind turbine will be installed 3rd week in August and that it will be commissioned during Community Energy Fortnight, which runs from 24th August to 8th September. Click on the logo for information about visits and events during the Fortnight:”

17. Skills Share – Tavistock and area
Totnes have an active skills share network providing an opportunity to share skills. The schedule of events can be found here:
If anyone is interested in facilitating a skills share network here locally, or is interested in sharing skills please get in touch.
There is also a chance to hold a skill share on fermenting techniques. Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in attending.
Kate has recently been on a Scything course. It was great fun. This is another option if there is interest.

18. Local news and links
Check out
19. Forthcoming Dates

Food and Energy Group Thursday August 29th

September 2013
Community Day Saturday September 7th
Green Drinks Tuesday September 10th
Food and Energy Group Thursday September 26th
20. And Finally ...
Dear Transitioners,
Samuel Alexander here, from Transition Coburg, in Australia. Hope you're all well. I’m writing today because I’ve spent the last year writing a book, called Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation, in which I try to envision a society where the Transition Movement has succeeded – a world where people are living simply and cooperatively, building resilience, and running their local economies on renewable energy.
Richard Heinberg, author of The End of Growth, has praised the book as follows: ‘Overflowing with insight and beautifully written, Entropia unveils the radical implications of moving beyond fossil fuels. This book may come to define what sustainability really means.’
Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption, has described this book as ‘a masterful work of the imagination…. a literary manifesto that will inspire, challenge, and give hope.’
If you are interested in reading more, please see and I’d be grateful if you’d share the link with your networks. If anyone would like to review the book, please let me know and I'll send a review copy of the e-book.
Best wishes - keep on pushing!
Samuel Alexander
Transition Coburg
Tel: 01822-835819