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This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Timebanking UK Newsletter Spring 2013

Massive thanks to Kate for again coordinating such a brilliant effort. There is so much wonderful timebanking activity going on around the country and it is wonderful that it can all be shared in this way. We have so much to learn from each other.

Those of you that attended the Timebanking conference at the back end of last year will know that we have some interesting developments to share. Firstly, Timebanking UK is in the process of changing our governance structure. Following our review which many of you took part in, I have been increasingly aware that how we are constituted as an organisation has never quite adequately reflected our shared values. Coproduction has been an integral part of our ‘way to do things’ however, historically Timebanking UK was operated as a Ltd Company with a charitable status. This inadvertently led to what at times might have felt like a paternalistic approach to how we conducted ourselves rather than a truly open, creative and expanding relationship with you, our members. The current Board of Directors are in the process of forming a Society for the Benefit of the Community. We hope that this new Timebanking Co-operative model will continue to invigorate the relationship between us. At the conference we asked for members who wanted to help to shape this new cooperative model to come forward and we have been working to make that happen.

We have also been in strategic partnership talks with CSV. Some of you may know CSV as one of the UK’s largest volunteering and learning Charities. The existing funding climate is very hard for membership organisations like Timebanking UK. You have told us that You want to develop your own business models and opportunities, consultancy work and support your own local networks as part of how you grow your own time banks and we wholeheartedly support this direction. That does mean though that we can’t grow a sustainable operations base which would be able to support our core functions. We work best when we can support you in your innovation and to do that we think we need to continue with a very small core team and work where appropriate with a larger ‘friend’ when they can help.

NESTA and our software. The software project is progressing well. Supported by NESTA we have completed our first phase which was to test the USA version and decided what lessons we could learn from their experience. Supported by some time banks and a lot of work from Ian (our IT guy) we have now completed the second phase and should in the next few weeks be launching a test beta site. Watch this space!

Best wishes,

CEO Timebanking UK

Putting the spotlight on time banks in different settings

Gardening, doing the shopping or just providing company for the isolated and vulnerable might not be the services that most people would associate with the family doctor. But thanks to an exciting new project funded by the Department of Health and managed by Timebanking UK, GP practices all over the country could soon be going well beyond their traditional role of providing hospital referrals and prescriptions.

In the second of a series of features on timebanking in mainstream public services, we focus this issue on the development of timebanking in general practice and talk to two brokers who are already turning the vision into reality.

UK health providers are having to radically reconsider their approach to care provision. Ever increasing constraints on healthcare budgets and the effect of an ageing population mean that it’s no longer viable to expect the NHS to solve the whole pathway of people’s needs. At the same time, traditional models of health care are often not appropriate solutions for the large number of physical, mental, social, financial, community factors that have an impact on health, particularly as people get older.As a result, ‘co-production’ initiatives that give communities shared responsibility for their own health and well-being are becoming increasingly important. Read more...

Cornwall Time Bank Development Officer David Aynsley offers top tips from his learning so far in how to engage with GPs. Read more
Lucy Bird is Somersham Time Bank's broker. She talks about delivering the Department of Health project in a small town. Read more
Inspiring Story - Rushey Green
Download biographies of Project Team here

Two hundred Timebanking UK members from across the United Kingdom attended our national conference held in London back in December. The day was an opportunity to share with you the work we had been doing over the last year and to reveal some major changes in how the organisation will be operating in the future. It was also an opportunity for us all to learn and to explore ideas and areas of work through the workshops. Most importantly it was a chance for all of us to connect and reconnect and share our enthusiasm for the work we are doing and the difference it is making across our communities.

Guest of honour, Edgar Cahn Edgar likened our communities to the operating system of a computer. "There are lots of very useful computer programmes but if that operating system goes down, nothing works." He said that timebanking is enabling us to build a new operating system where we value the 40% of labour which is not counted in GDP.
Click here to read more.

Conference Programme: Click on links below for presentations:

Timebanking UK – The Past, Present and Future:
Sam Hopley:Time Banks UK: Becoming a Society for the Benefit of the Community. Click here
Sarah Bird: Timebanking 2012. Click here

Tam Cassidy: Achieving Social Capital through Enterprise. Click here
Barbara Kerks: Regional Time Bank Groups.
Ewen Speed: Varieties of Co-production. Click here
Melissa Cooke: General Practice and Community Links - Time for Timebanking. Click here for Melissa's report on sessions
Lawrence Hughes: Creativity in Timebanking – Working with organisations
Lawrence Hughes: Insuring Time Banks – Q&A session