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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Transition Network Newsletter - April 2013

Transition Network Newsletter - April 2013


Introducing Transition Thursdays
Starting in June, to coincide with the publication of 'The Power of Just Doing Stuff', Transition Network will be holding 6 consecutive 'Transition Thursdays'. The aim is to use the launch of the book as the opportunity to bring some support and invigoration to initiatives, and potentially to enable some exciting coming together of neighbouring initiatives too.
We would like to invite initiatives who would like to host one to get in touch:

Transition US Challenge
During the month of May, join thousands of people across the US who will be taking action to rise to the challenge of food, water, and energy independence.

Please Update Your Transition Network Widgets
Our widget code has been updated since our webserver move earlier this month so if you have a Transition Network widget, please update it:

The March Round Up has been delayed due to illness but will be on the website next week



Totnes publishes groundbreaking Local Economic Blueprint
The Blueprint is the first attempt to map in detail a local economy and to put a value on the potential benefits of an increased degree of localisation. If you like, it identifies "the size of the prize" of Transition.

Are social enterprises doing enough…. good?
We’re looking for the Top 20 Transition-oriented social enterprises changing their communities, the economy and the world…. And we’d like you to nominate them.


The second edition of Transition Free Press is now in production and will be going to press this month.

April update: revving up to issue 2
A new printer, new distributors and a Permaculture giveaway.

TFP2 will follow our dynamic formula of news, reviews and interviews on all Transition subjects under the sun – food, arts, education, people, wellbeing and sport, plus new pages on Housing and Planet. Out on May 1 and appearing in all its summer colours at Transiton events, local cafes, markets, newstands and festivals. Don't miss it!

Become a Distributor
If you'd like to join the TFP distribution network for bundles of 250 and 125 do get in touch today with Mark Watson
Deadline to sign up for the May edition is Monday 8th April.

Can't find a copy in your area? Why not take out a subscription? £15 will buy you four issues and help support us too!



Daring to Dream
The fifth and final Transition ingredient, and far from being as whimsical as the title suggests, says Jo Homan. It actually refers to imagining what Transition would look like if it were implemented nationally, enabled by government and council policy and invested in properly.


From Sheds and Swarfega to Hot Beds and Gemütlichkeit
Mark Watson's departure point for running workshops is learning to pay attention to and connect with the living systems of the earth.

Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller
Kerry Lane recalls being trained at school to view getting things 'wrong' as something really bad that we should avoid at all cost, the big red cross, low marks, all of our education is based on getting things 'right'.

We Can Work It Out
Sitting by a fire Charlotte De Cann talked about skill-share and seed-swaps, plant walks and bee talks, Trade Schools and Green Drinks and realised that in Transition a lot of the learning and teaching we do is not that formal.

A Year of Growing Workshops, and Snowy Seedy Saturday
Sarah Ayech sees the success of these workshops as helping us to create the garden as a space of learning and as we continue to hold monthly workshops.

Deep Shift: An unManifesto for Community CoLearning
Martin Grimshaw challenges us never to underestimate the power of repeating something simple and obvious, and creating space for people to experience again what they already know.


Well-being and the Community - a Local Perspective
Mark Watson asks what would it mean if our lives were based on our mutual well-being and happiness within the communities and neighbourhoods we all share?

Re-claim the Future!
Paul Allen points out that our 21st century challenges can no longer be met with 20th century approaches, including how we think about the future.

Transition Dentistry
Modern dentistry is a thing of wonder and magic to Jane Gray.

The Darkness Around Us Is Deep
There was a silence in the small room says Charlotte Du Cann. As we realised what it would mean for us to take our own health, our lives, into our own hands.


The Great Unskilling
For Ann Owen, unlike your house, job or cash isa, your skills are yours for life

Following the Music: A Reskilling Journey
The modern world has made us reliant on ‘experts’ outside of the home. Grant Venner learns new skills.

No Matter What
There is little more exciting to Sara Ayech than suddenly discovering leaves you walk past daily and were unable to decipher, have names, become familiar friends, and taste delicious.

A Time to Sew Caroline Jackson
For two and a half years now, we never know from week to week who will come to The Sewing Café or what they will want to do.

On the Skill of Sharing and the Sharing of Skills
So many people are no longer comfortable with asking for help or to borrow something.
Kerry Lane

Sharing the Means of Production While Owning Eesponsibility For The Process
Two critical core values at the heart of the Transition Network Web Project
Ed Mitchell

Restart Community Repair
Ugo Vallauri, Co-Founder of The Restart Project, writes about the organisation that facilitates community self-repair events, where all kinds of electronics are taken apart and repaired by owners together with volunteer repairers.


More Transition Stories

All Hail Great Spring!

Occupy Norwich: One Year On

The Ghosts of Shoppers Past: Why Assumptions Matter
Rob Hopkins finds that all too often regeneration is about sweeping away the economy of local independent businesses and replacing it with big chains and brands.

11 Books to Inform and Inspire Your Transition Adventures
A round-up of books Rob Hopkins thinks you might find interesting



One Year In Transition Course Open for entry
If you are in your 20s and looking for a part-time course that supports you to find or create a livelihood aligned with living sustainably on the planet, One Year in Transition is now open to applicants starting in September of this year (2013).

Thrive Training in London
Once we have enough people to run London's first Thrive training, we'll fix a date that works for most of us, if you're not already on the participants' list, contact Anna O'Brien

Transition THRIVE course in Totnes
29-30 June 2013
This is our advanced training, which will help you to sustain momentum in your Transition Initiative and at a personal level. It’s packed with ideas and inspiration to help you move your Transition Initiative to the next level. The training has a flexible structure, which allows us to work with questions and issues that have arisen in your Transition Initiative and develop workable action plans to take back to your Transition group.
More info:
To Book

Transition LAUNCH in Totnes
14-15 September 2013
This is our original training with lots of practical ideas on how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to help their initiative become a success.
More info:
To book
Contact: If you have any questions or bursary enquiries, please contact:

Inner Transition workshop
A practical exploration of the Heart & Soul dimension of Transition
This two day workshop is for anyone interested in the inner aspect of the Transition process who wants to deepen their understanding of this area, connect and share experience with others, and be inspired to take the next steps for themselves or their group. The territory of “Inner Transition” is broad, powerful, fascinating and sometimes challenging to define, to explain or to organise. Details on the course:
The workshop on 20-21 April in London is now fully booked, but we will confirm new dates soon. To be on the waiting list or if you are interested in hosting an Inner Transition Training where you are please email

Effective Groups Trainings with Nick Osborne

Working in Transition groups can be fun, but is not always easy. The Effective Groups training is a practical exploration of structures, power and shared-responsibility to enable us to work together with authenticity and openness. The trainings are run by Nick Osborne, who is passionate about getting groups to work well and brings insight and experience into his trainings.
More information:
Check out our video introduction on the Effective Groups resources page:

Next Effective Groups Trainings:
Bristol, 21-21 May 2013 (hosted by Shift Bristol)
For a booking form, please email

Hoathly Hill Community, near East Grinstead/Gatwick
15-16 June
Hosted by Transition Forest Row
More info

We are planning to run more Effective Groups Trainings across the UK in 2013. If you are interested in getting onto the waiting list, or would like to host an Effective Groups Training in your area, please email

Starhawk Workshop: Social Permaculture- Skills for Growing Effective Groups
6 May - Totnes
Small groups of like-minded people can revitalize a town, plan our transition to a new, locally-focused economy and technology, and change the world. They can be exciting, nurturing, empowering places to be.
And they can also founder on the rocks of conflict and poor communication. Collaborative groups face unique challenges. This workshop will teach some of the skills we need to meet them—tools for clear communication, conflict transformation, constructive critique, and facilitating group decision-making. We’ll examine how a group’s vision and structure can support healthful functioning.
Contact: Sylvia Rose


Quote of the Month
"When we really see each other, we want to help each other."
Amanda Palmer. The art of asking.


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