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Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

10:10 - second year and things are speeding up

They say time seems to speed up as you get older, and if the pace of 10:10's second year is anything to go by, they might have a point.

But here at 10:10 HQ we're not wasting a minute, and neither are you! People and organisations are writing in every day to tell us about their first 10:10 year.

We recently heard from Britta in Glasgow, who lobbied her housing association for better insulation and is now campaigning to get more efficient lighting for the city's social housing.

Down south, Anna in Cambridge managed to get her total energy bills below £100 a year with the help of LED lightbulbs and a standby-busting energy monitor. Next on the list? Loft insulation and more efficient appliances.

Rounding off a month of astonishing results from British embassies around the world, we got a message from Zara Arshad in Beijing reporting that her embassy had made an incredible 48% saving, including a 2/3 reduction in air travel.

And just as I put the finishing touches to this message, we spoke to Billy McIntosh at pollsters IPSOS Mori, who managed a 13% emissions cut thanks to motion-sensitive lighting, virtual servers and the frankly awesome Airblade hand-drier.

Is your town on the map?

Our big map of 10:10 stories has come a long way since my last message. We've added dozens of new entries from all over the country, but there's still plenty of room. If your town or area is a pink-free zone (I'm looking at you Belfast, Cardiff, Eastbourne, Hull, Darlington, Peterborough and Aberdeen), why not help get the ball rolling? Just put together a couple of paragraphs on how you're cutting your carbon this year, and send them over (ideally with a photo) to If you want to get your organisation on there, we'll need a few numbers first. Visit the map page for more info.

That's enough from me, but since it seemed to go down quite well last time, I've included a bumper edition of our big global news roundup – the 10:10 Times – below. Should keep you going till next time!

Take care,
Malachi and the 10:10 team

P.S. Ready for a new challenge? Communities all over the country have started generating their own low-carbon energy, and our friends at energyshare have set up a £500,000 fund to help you do the same! If you've ever considered getting something going in your area, this could be the moment. Visit the energyshare website to register or find out more.



- The Belvedere Guest House in Scotland explained how they have been saving over £100 per month after investing in an innovative Shieling Dryer.

- The local 10:10 project in Brighton and Hove celebrated its 1st birthday and shared the story of how they've helped thousands of people and organisations cut their carbon.

- The police force in Gwent (pictured) attracted the attention of the 2012 Olympic organisers after replacing petrol with pedal power during last year's Ryder Cup.

- We were so impressed with 10:10 city Mouans-Sartoux's carbon cutting activities that we decided to blog about it so that the non-French speakers amongst us could learn about the city's amazing achievements.

- The Lighter Later team unearthed a bit of clock change history on ebay recently: a page from the London News featuring the key players from the original Daylight Saving Bill tabled way back in 1909! The article, which features a baby-faced Winston Churchill, comments on the bill's energy-saving potential and remarks that "the scheme has aroused a good deal of controversy". Plus ça change.

- Our own Daylight Saving Bill is currently held up in a spot of post-budget congestion, but we're hoping it will reach committee stage by mid May.

- Redcar Council have an ambitious 5 year plan to cut their emissions by 40% and think 10:10 is a fantastic springboard to start their programme. They already have an electric car in place and launched a "switch it off" campaign which resulted in a 7% drop in electricity usage and more. Go Redcar!

See the website here: