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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

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Why do YOU do Transition?

'Why do YOU do Transition?' asks Rob Hopkins

'As part of the new Transition book I am writing, I would like to include some quotes about why people do Transition. What is it that fires you up, that inspires you to put energy into it? Is it peak oil and climate change? Is it the fact that it connects you to other people around you? Is it because it feels much more fun to do it than to not do it? It is because it feels like the most appropriate thing to be doing at this time, or because it allows you to do that project you’ve always wanted to do? I’d love to hear your succinct responses to that question “why do you do Transition?” '

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