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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

SuperHomes newsletter no 4

Incredibly the 53rd SuperHome has now
joined us and we haven’t even
celebrated our 50th SuperHome Opening
yet. Things have been moving apace
and we have been working hard to get
all of these new homes on to the

We have spent quite sometime making
improvements to the website and have
now added a section on RSL properties.
These Homes are not now open to the
public, but they give a clear indication of
what is going on outside of the owner
occupied sector. With the new web
design it is possible to choose to view
the SuperHomes or the RSL homes in
isolation, or view them both together.
The Spring Openings in March were a
great success. With 18 SuperHomes
joining in, we achieved 1678 visitors.
This is a fantastic achievement and we
do hope to make the Spring Opening a
regular annual event.

Plans are now in full swing for the
September openings for London Open
House and Heritage Open Days (if you
haven’t already signed up then please
do speak to Felicity as soon as you
can). John Christophers is also
opening in association with the British
Science Festival. Many SuperHomers
see these other events as perfect
opportunities to spread the word and to
attract a slightly different audience to
normal. By the way, John has received
the RIBA award for architectural
excellence 2010. For more information
please see our news page.

SEA has also been working to support
other groups or organisations holiday
Open House events. This has taken the
form of both small amounts of financial
support and more substantial advice in
how to open, what to consider, how to
monitor and assess results. The groups
we have already helped this year are
VICTERI – Victorian Terrace Energy
Reduction Initiative, Bristol Green Doors
– A project in Bristol to open 100 homes
in September and Stroud Open Days.
We are also discussing support with
other groups, including the Mendips and
Cambridge Open Eco Homes. If you
have any knowledge of events like these
we would love to hear from you as we
would like to support as many of these
initiatives as possible.

One of the most interesting events since
our last news letter is the news that
John Doggart has finished his own Eco
Refurbishment. For many years John,
an architect and an engineer, has been
making changes to his home to make it
more energy efficient. This year saw
John undertake the insulation part of
this on-going project. John had chosen
a mixture of internal insulation on the
front of the house, to preserve its
character, and external insulation on the
sides and rear, he also took the
opportunity to change some of the
window openings to improve views. As
with many Eco Refurbishments, John
came across a number of unexpected
issues, the major one being that the
external walls had been painted with a
bituminous paint to provide protection
against moisture. This needed to be
removed prior to the application of the
expanded polystyrene insulation.
Interestingly none of John’s heat
recovery units was fitted correctly. As
they run almost silently it was pure luck
that John realised that they had been
incorrectly installed; this provided
another training opportunity for the

You can see more about John’s house
on the website and watch his video tour.
John has already opened on many
occasions to the public and has been
opening his home to what we are calling
‘affinity groups’. These are groups of
people from organisations with whom
we are forging links. For example John
has taken members of the UK Green
Building Council, Friends of the Earth,
Energy Saving Trust, Greater London
Council and London Development
agency, to name but a few, around his
home already. We are looking to
expand these affinity groups as much as
possible and would love to hear from
you if you have links with any useful
organisations. Those affinity groups
with whom we have already linked are
now detailed on our website links pages.

So, on to our 50th SuperHome. Tony
Almond, in Welwyn, is our 50th. His
home is a 1970s detached house which
has achieved a 66% carbon reduction.
Tony is opening to the public for the first
time on Sunday 27th June. We know that
it is difficult for SuperHomers to get to
see other SuperHomes as they often
open on the same day, so why not take
the opportunity to go to see Tony and
Pat’s home whilst yours isn’t open.
Booking is available via the website.

Finally, we have been discussing ways
of providing expert advice to visitors to
Open Events. Many of you already
have businesses offering this kind of
advice, but for those of you who don’t
we have been investigating ways of
providing experts who could help with
open days and provide the follow up that
the visitors need. It would be good to
hear from you if you would welcome this
kind of help or indeed if you are already
an advisor and would like to provide this
help when other homes open.