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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Food Sovereignty by FoodTank
Bude for Food Assembly by Bude for Food A...
Be a Food Assembly leader by Bude for Food A...
The Ecological Land Co-operative by Transition Network
CASSE by casse
Greeniversity by Chris Richards
Deep Green Resistance by deepgreenresist...
Transition Penwith by Transition Penwith
Transition Lostwithiel by Transition Lost...
Frack Off by PaulS
Plantcraft by Jane Acton by Dawn Bebe
Dark Rye by Rye
REconomy Project by REconomy
Steady Sate Economy by REconomy
Sustainable Learning project by Michelle Bastian
Timebanking UK by Timebank
Regenerative Agriculture UK by Permaculture
Independent Panel on Forestry by Forestry Panel
Community Forge by CommunityForge
Polmorla Forest School by Jane Bailey
Communities for Renewables by Communities for... by PaulS
Perennial Solutions by Twitterer
Cap & Share by Brian Davey
EnergyShare by email contributor
Cornish Devolution by email contributor by Twitterer
Green Energy UK by Liz Bell
WREN at Ashden Awards by Wadebridge Rene...
WREN News June 2013 by Paul Holmes
Wren News Spring 2013 by Wadebridge Rene...
16Oct2012: WREN AGM and report by Wadebridge Rene...
Wadebridge Electric Car Club by Wadebridge Rene...
WREN Needs Your Vote by Wadebridge Rene...
WREN Newsletter November 2011 by Wadebridge Rene...
Free Smart Meter Offer by Wadebridge Rene...
WREN News September 2011 by Wadebridge Rene...
WREN Newsletter Summer 2011 by Wadebridge Rene...
YES to fairer votes by Willie Sullivan
Plants For A Future by Chris Marsh
Convergence Cornwall by email contributor
Rob Hopkins on Four Thought by Transition Network
ASPO & ODAC by PaulS
Community Power Cornwall by Laura Tregonning
About Organics by About Organics
10:10:10 and all that by Malachi Chadwick
Low Energy Houses near you by Malachi Chadwick
10:10:10 pictures by email contributor
Kernowrat - New Member by Kernowrat
Friends of the Earth by Blogger Sphere
Schumacher College by Schumacher
Groundswell Cornwall by General Vibes
Agrarian Renaissance by Tim Waygood
Sharpham Trust by Susie
People and Gardens by Emma P
Tip the planet by email contributor
Good Screenings by Franny
SuperHomes by Felicity Beaton
Cornwall Crafts Association by email contributor
Demand a better Energy Bill by Simon GBRefurb
GBR Campaign News Nov 2010 by Simon GBRefurb
GBR Campaign News by Simon GBRefurb
Local Action on Food by email contributor by General Vibes
Kernow Action Now! (KAN!) by Clayton Elliott
Yarner Trust by Clare@Yarner
Volunteer Cornwall by Emily Evans
Computer Spares Warehouse by email contributor by Paul
Permaculture by John B
Organic Bying Groups by Traci Lewis by PaulS
Yurt Works by Tim Hutton
Plan-it Earth Courses by Rachel Smart
LocalWorks by Michelle
Cornwall Information by Elizabeth Hawken

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