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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

How to save human civilisation

The enormous growth in GDP over the past 150 years is almost entirely due to the discovery and use of fossil fuels. We now know that the same fossil fuels have caused damage to the planet's ecosystems that will last for many thousands of years and the damage will grow in intensity exponentially until all the natural positive feedback loops have played themselves out, i.e. it won't stop until all the ice on the planet has melted.
That will mean sea rise of estimated 60m across the globe, flooding some of the best agricultural land and most major cities in the world, resulting in migration in hundreds of millions, starvation on a global scale and quite possibly the end of human civilisation as we know it.

So, worrying about relatively small decreasing in UK GDP is a trivial pursuit.

We need to accept a world based 100% on renewable technology and take whatever consequences follow from that, including declining GDP, standard of living, changes in lifestyles, housing, diet and whatever else transpires.

That way we may be able to slow down Climate Change sufficiently to adjust our reproductive behaviour and reduce the totality of human population down to perhaps 10 or 20% of current levels, thus avoiding the worst effect on human society and civilisation.

Furthermore, we must take immediate actions at all levels to adapt to the developing situation by localising, developing self-sufficiency and 100% sustainability right across the whole world.

Now, there is an important subject worth discussing!