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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Immigration is profoundly unethical

Immigration is profoundly unethical.

Encouraging brain drain from poor country to our own because we have failed to train enough people for certain professions is the worst type of exploitation.

They have the cost of bringing up the brightest children, educating them, bringing them to a point where they could really help their country get out of the grounding poverty they are trapped in - and then we come along, set up recruitment agencies, attract them with salaries not dreamed off in their own countries and whisk them over here to repair our own inadequacies.

Its an exploitative and utterly unsustainable system. We need to live within our means - not just financially, but also educationally and socially. If we can't be bothered to invest in sufficient number of doctors, then we need to simply put up with inadequate NHS. Its our problem and we need to solve it without stealing the best people from some of the poorest countries.

To think that the problem of our aging population should be solved by increased immigration is another fallacy. Immigrants, too, get old. When they do, we shall have to arrange for yet another wave of immigration to make their old age comfortable. Its a nonsense.The aging population problem can be solved with our own resources. Our (aging) generation will have to be inventive in organizing and volunteering to supplement the NHS.

As we enter the post-oil age, it will become increasingly important for each country to become much more self-sufficient, sustainable and resilient. But that can only happen if the population size does not exceed the capacity of the land to provide food and also energy, construction material and other basic manufacturing, such as foot ware and clothing. UK as a whole is quite likely already beyond that point. Importing further immigrants to the country obviously adds to the problem, not to the solution.