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Facts not getting through

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Facts not getting through

The facts about Global Warming are just not getting through to the public, so here is my bit for the education of all the NIMBYs up there:

If Global Warming exceeds 2C then natural positive feedback processes will push it to 6C with unstoppable force, which will result in the desertification of most of the planet surface.
So far global temperature has risen by 0.8C and a further 0.8C worth of CO2 is already in the atmosphere. We therefore have just 0.4C to play with before the planet will be set to become largely uninhabitable by humans.

Fossil fuel reserves already known but not yet dug up and burnt will, if burnt, produce four times more CO2 than is required to push us through the 2C barrier. And of course every oil company is looking for more.

The only solution that anyone has ever come up with is to leave much of the coal, oil, gas, shale gas and oil, tar sands and heavy oils in the ground, not burn them and instead switch as rapidly as is feasible to renewable energy, including numerous wind turbines, solar panels, AD plants, wave and tidal energy, even nuclear power and energy storage facilities.

That is why it is our duty to our children and grandchildren to support just about every proposal for renewable energy project at least up to the level of local energy consumption.

For our part, we do as we say. We have converted our farm, Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, to produce and deliver organic food using just renewable energy and near zero fossil fuels. Clearly, conversion to clean energy is possible. Now we just have to do it on a larger scale.

If you care to look at Learning Resources/ half way down you will find a collection of fully referenced articles explaining why the anti-wind lobby's arguments are absurd and pure nonsense. But let me just mention:

• Wind turbines repay their investment in CO2 in between three and nine months
• Research shows that tourist are largely happy to visit areas with wind turbines
• Wind turbines are virtually inaudible. Regulations ensure that neighbours will hear not more than 35 decibels, which is half the noise your fridge produces right in your kitchen!
• Wind turbines kill about 0.001 per cent of all the birds and bats that man-made structures kill. Their effect on the bird and bat population is imperceptible and about 10,000 times less than cars, windows in buildings, fertilisers and agri chemicals.
• Combination of wind turbines and PV panels produces energy on just about every single day of the year. Adding AD plants and energy storage to the system solves the intermittency issue of renewable energy.
• Wind turbines are some of the most beautiful, graceful and pleasing structures ever built by man.

I am all for them and for doing everything in our power to safeguard Cornwall and the whole planet for future generations, rather than destroying it for the sake of personal aesthetic objections to wind turbines.

These are not simply personal views. These facts come from scientific papers such as the 'Common Concerns about Wind Power', a summary of over 130 peer reviewed scientific papers on this subject. Here is the paper: