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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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Renewable Energy Rally in Truro 19_10_13

A quick thank you to all of you who joined us, and other groups, in Truro for a positive demonstration in support of renewable energy and helping to counter the message of an anti-clean energy group.

You can read a report about in the West Briton here:

The greens certainly gathered in Truro today!

Many thanks to everyone who turned up in Truro today for the PIMBY picnic and/or counter march. I thought it went really really well and it was a credit to everyone who came.

Lots of excellent cake and good humour and although I didn't do an accurate count my impression was that the numbers were pretty much level on both sides - and we had the better colourful placards and slogans as well as cakes.

It was excellent to have the opportunity for people from different networks to come together - we must find more opportunities to do this, clearly we are much stronger when we come together.

It was also good to see people engaging with the 'other' side and I know a few potentially fruitful discussions of common ground ensued.

Especial thanks to those who worked beforehand on making sure we were primed with effective words and values, that was very useful.

I was wearing my Green Party tea-shirt, so on behalf of the Cornish Greens it was lovely to see everyone - from the electoral point of view we will be giving everyone in Cornwall a chance to cast a very meaningful vote next May when the European election falls and we only need a 1% increase in vote to have Molly Scot Cato (who is a university professor of alternative economics) representing us all as a Green MEP. Of course we will be asking you to help us make this happen.

Goodness knows what the media will make of today's events - at the very least one can hope that they will have a photo of a lot of people with pro-wind placards over a caption describing an anti-wind protest in Truro! For me the important thing was that we came together. Lets do it again soon.

Finally if anyone has any photos they would like to share please email them to me (or links if you have already uploaded them somewhere) and I'll pull them together into some sort of album.

Anyway please pass on my thanks to everyone you invited

Roger C-O

Pimby picnic.