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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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21-23Jun2013: The Schumacher College SCHed Talks: What if?…

The Schumacher College SCHed Talks ask: What if?…
Friday, June 21, 2013 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm Sunday, June 23, 2013
Outside Colston Hall (Fri & Sat) - Find us on King Street, Bristol on Sunday as part of the Make Sunday Special events!

A bright orange shed and soap box sets the stage for this year’s SCHed Talks (Schumacher College Talks), outside Colston Hall. Stretch out in a deckchair amongst the flowers, sip a drink in the sun and soak up the atmosphere as our earth-loving world-changing speakers and performers ask: What if?…

The SCHed Talks come to Bristol BIG Green Week this year. With an eclectic range of speakers and performers, set in a relaxing summer garden outside Colston Hall, this will be the place to dream a new world awake, over lunch and at the end of each day. Sign up slots will be available for those with something to say on the day.

SCHed Programmme

Friday 21st June, Colston Hall, in our festival pop-up garden

12.30PM: What if… News Was Good? Sean Dagan Wood, Editor, Positive News

From tax dodging corporations to government surveillance there are plenty of good reasons for bad news to make the news. But from the hotels, mosques and businesses that provided shelter and medical treatment to protesters in Taksim Square to the phenomenal spread of the Transition Town movement, around the world people are working together to create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. Positive News Editor Sean Dagan Wood asks, what if… we shared the good news too?

5.00PM: What if… Politics Went Local? Pippa Goldfinger, Independents for Frome

We’re voting in fewer numbers than ever. Little wonder when distant party politics seems to have less and less relevance for our lives. In 2011 the Somerset town of Frome elected eleven independent councilors who believe that local decision making should be in the hands of local people. Pippa Goldfinger, until recently the Independent Mayor of Frome and a councilor asks: What more could we do if more of politics went local?

5.30PM: What if… Environmentalism Could Save Us All? Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist, author and co-founder of Forum for the Future.

Where better than the UK’s world class festival of big green ideas, art and culture to explore just how much the green movement has to offer. Jonathon Porritt asks whether the green movement, with its emphasis on living more with less, community and justice could be the key to better lives for all of us. Is a green life more beautiful, more sociable and more prosperous for more of us? Could environmentalism save us all?

Saturday 22nd June, Colston Hall, in our festival pop-up garden

12.30PM: What if… We all embraced the gift economy? Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man (tbc)

Drawing on almost three years of experience as The Moneyless Man, Mark Boyle demystifies money and the system that binds us to it, but he also explains how liberating, easy and enjoyable it is to live with less of it. Join Mark as he explores why making the transition beyond monetary economics is becoming the zeitgeist of the Occupy generation, and asks what if we all embraced the world’s only booming economy – the gift economy.

1.00PM: What if… The seeds of the future are all around us? Jonathan Dawson, Head of Economics, Schumacher College

We’re used to being told the world is immutable: with everything from the way we have chosen to organise banking, even the economy itself, viewed as unchangeable elements of some kind of ‘natural’ order. But the vast majority of our exchanges from the care we give one another to the favours we do for friends never pass through the economic system at all. In liminal places and hidden spaces new ways of organising are constantly emerging. Join Schumacher College’s Jonathan Dawson as he asks: What if the seeds of the future are all around us?

5.00PM: What if… We printed our own money? Katie Finnegan-Clarke, Bristol£

In times of austerity money is in short supply. (For everyone but the banks, at least.) But what if we could create our own money? Might local currencies hold the key to a more diverse system of finance? How many more conversations would we have if our currencies were local? And what difference would it make to our communities and economies? Join Bristol£’s Katie Finnegan-Clarke as she asks: What if…we printed our own money?

Sunday 23rd June, King Street as part of ‘Make Sunday Special’

12.30PM: What if…. we fell in love with stuff, in a good way? Ruth Potts, co-author, The New Materialism & co-founder, bread, print & roses

We know that ever more stuff doesn’t make us happy. But what if, we’ve not been looking in entirely the wrong place for happiness, but like an abusive relationship with the real world, we’ve got the relationship badly wrong? Co-author of ‘The New Materialism‘, Ruth Potts asks whether developing lasting relationships with the stuff we have and care for can be good for us all, and good for the planet? What if, we really fell in love with stuff?

1.00PM: What if…. we cancelled the Apocalypse? Andrew Simms, author of ‘Cancel the Apocalypse‘ and fellow of nef (the new economics foundation)

Ever get the feeling that things are falling apart? You’re not alone. From bad banks to global warming it can all seem hopeless, but what if everything could turn out even better than before? What if the only thing holding us back is a lack of imagination and a surplus of old orthodoxies? Join author and activist Andrew Simms as he asks: What if… living within our ecological means could lead to a more joyful world?

1.30PM: What if… we all took National Gardening Leave? Molly Conisbee, co-founder, bread, print & roses

Could a range of social and ecological challenges be overcome if we all spent less time in the office, and more time in the garden? Co-founder of bread, print & roses Molly Conisbee outlines a proposal for ‘National Gardening Leave’. Resistance is fertile.