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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

Please add your own events, just click on 'add new comment' and fill in the 'Post a comment' form.

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4-6Mar2011: Reviewing & Re-imagining Transition in Cornwall

Reviewing & Re-imagining

Transition in Cornwall

Conference 4 - 6 March

Hi everyone,

Quite a lot of people have sent me an email to say they are coming to the conference and that they will send me the booking form later. It would help me if I knew more precisely how many people are coming when, so I have hit on the wheeze of making a form within an email, to make it easier. So if you are planning to come, please cut and paste the text below, put something obvious like "Yes" or "No" by each line, and email it back to ME, not to TCN Discuss, please. I have added the programme at the bottom of this email, to remind you, and the further details too.

Fri 4th Mar Fee (includes tea and coffee) 5

Fri 4th Mar Supper 5

Fri 4th Mar Bed in a Trelay house 25

Fri 4th Mar Bed in camping barn 12

Fri 4th Mar Touring caravan for a family 20

Sat 5th Mar Fee (includes tea and coffee) 10

Sat 5th Mar Lunch 3

Sat 5th Mar Supper 5

Sat 5th Mar Bed in a Trelay house 25

Sat 5th Mar Bed in camping barn 12

Sat 5th Mar Touring caravan for a family 20

Sun 6th Mar Fee (includes tea and coffee) 5

Sun 6th Mar Lunch 3

Discount if you email mini biog & picture -2

Donation to support the work of TCN


Friday 4th March – Getting to know each other

4 pm onwards – participants welcome to arrive at Trelay. Teas and chats. Short guided tours.

6 pm supper

7.15 pm Welcome – saying hello to each other – facilitated by Jackie Carpenter

7.30 pm Cornwall Transition Groups getting to know each other. Each group will have supplied a poster or information, and representatives will sit at tables as others go round to talk to them.

9pm Music and dance, or chatting – facilitated by Roger Wade

Saturday 5th March – Reviewing and Re-imagining

7.30 am Pre-breakfast yoga, walk, singing etc

8 am Breakfast

9.00 am Opening event – welcome – saying hello to each other – facilitated by Jackie Carpenter

9.15 am "Interconnectivity of the crises we are facing" – talk by Dr Mike Haywood

10.15 am Quickly collect coffee Discussion (over coffee) introduced by Oliver Baines

11 am "Transition in Cornwall – a brief review of the journey so far" – talk by Lorely Lloyd

11.15 am "Reviewing" - Each Transition Group in Cornwall will feed back on what they have done, are doing, lessons learned, new ideas. Everyone else will find out what is going on, be inspired, identify with people they wish to help or co-operate with. (There are about 20 groups, so only about 5 minutes each. Please see notes under "Your Transition Group" in "Further Information".)

1 pm Lunch + 1.30 pm washing up

2 pm Open Space – workshops, discussions, activities. There will be 5 physical spaces and 5 time-slots, giving the potential for 25 people to offer topics. Already many individuals have put forward ideas for sharing their areas of expertise, or for co-ordinating Cornwall-wide knowledge. Tea and coffee available to take to events. The plan will arise on the day and will cover topics such as local food, farming, renewable energy, heart and soul, local economies, living co-operatively with neighbours – and anything else participants wish to cover.

4.30 pm Tea and coffee

5 pm "Re-imagining" – discussion on the way forward, facilitated by Oliver Baines

6.15 pm Closing celebration for the formal part of the conference

6.30 pm supper + 7.30 pm washing up

8 pm Music and dance – facilitated by Roger Wade + optional film + space for sitting in groups and chatting (please bring your own musical instruments and beer)

Sunday 6th March – Discussions and visits

7.30 Pre-breakfast yoga, walk, singing etc

8.30 Breakfast

9 am Discussion - on publishing a Review, including material from this weekend. Small group discussions. People chatting about learning points etc. Forging collaborative ventures. Relaxation in quiet places. Working together on a collage representing the sprit of this weekend.

12.30 Lunch + 1 pm Washing up

1.30 pm Organise visits, car-share etc. Trelay, Cottage Farm, Local RE + others

2 pm – 4 pm Visits

4.30 If anyone comes back to Trelay – final cups of tea and goodbyes


Robin Sellwood has volunteered to coordinate transport, so contact him for car-sharing information and for hints and tips about public transport. email Telephone:01872 272 109

?Your mini biography

Part of the thinking of Transition revolves round the idea that people, local people, are the solution. But how do we know who we are and how can we help each other? The conference will collect mini biographies of people who attend (and people who don’t attend too) and if you produce one by the time you come to the conference, we shall allow you £2 off the conference fee. Here are the guidelines. email 100 - 400 words describing who you are, your background, what you do, where you live and work, your skills, your offers of help to others (paid and unpaid). Include a jpeg picture and your contact details, at least your email, preferably your phone and postal address too. We shall ask you to sign a consent form saying that we can publish this to help other people in Cornwall. Jackie Carpenter has volunteered to coordinate this. email: mobile telephone: 07849 867 012

?Your transition group

If you are part of one of the many Transition Groups or climate-friendly groups in Cornwall, we should like you and your friends to participate in the "Getting to know each other" session on Friday evening and the "Reviewing" session on the Saturday, please. We suggest that you produce an A1 (flip-chart-sized) poster (or two) with pictures, diagrams and text, and a set of A4 pages as well or instead. Also a few bullet points telling other groups what are the key things to know about your group. email these to Jackie before Friday, please. Be brutally honest! If your membership is dropping and events are non-existent, then say so - it makes sense to review the facts. During the Reviewing session, you are invited to talk to us for about five minutes. You can choose to have a speaker with a very short PowerPoint, or a group of you can line up by your poster and answer questions. Make it fun!

?Open space?

Open space is a technique put forward in Rob Hopkins "Transition Handbook". It is for organising a group of people into discussion sessions that are dynamic and productive - better than a set programme of speakers. It means that each one of you can be a speaker, facilitator or workshop leader, or you can run a session where you help to set the questions even though you don’t know the answers (yet). If you are an "expert", please bring along a (short) PowerPoint or a scribbled diagram to inform your session. Everyone will have the chance to speak and to listen, the energy levels will create a buzz, and we shall record everything. So please, some of you come as reporters and photographers too.

?Publishing a "Review of Transition in Cornwall"

We plan to collect together the information from this conference plus other data and ideas, and publish them as a "Review of Transition in Cornwall", during the summer of 2011. Oliver Baines has volunteered to coordinate this. email: Telephone: 01726 882 501 or 07967 604 517


At the conference you will be able to choose to participate in a range of local visits on the Sunday afternoon. Any local enterprise wishing to offer a visit, please contact Jackie Carpenter, the conference organiser.


Parents are responsible for their children at all times. A play-space will be provided, but children playing there must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Trelay is a working farm and there are dangers.

Booking and paying

Please send your booking by email to Jackie Carpenter, the conference organiser. email: Tel: 01840 230 423 (answering machine) or 07849 867 012. Do everything by email and avoid phoning if possible please, as Jackie is a hard-pressed volunteer. Then pay on the day. We are trusting that those people who book will turn up or let us know if they can’t, so on that basis you don’t need to send a deposit. (It will be unkind to book and not to come, or to turn up without booking). If you would like to come but can’t afford it, please write and tell us your circumstances. We look forward to meeting you!