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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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12-13Jun2010: Transition Conference

Just wanted to write to say thank you so much for your suggestions re. the Transition Conference venue. We have them all noted down for the future. We have decided to pursue Seale-Hayne near Newton Abbott this time as it met our criteria for space/facilities/accommodation etc., has a Transition group ready to support us, and is available earlier than many of the venues (as we don't have to wait for the end of the academic year).

For reference, based on previous events we have found that some key criteria/facilities needed to host the conference would be as follows:

* A room which can hold 350-450 people. Ideally a room where people can move around rather than sit theatre style, though we could work around either.
* A group of other rooms with capacity of 30-70 for workshops. Depending on size of conference would need up to 12 of these.
* Easy access to venue - this could either be via good transport connections, or a site which is residential for all or most of the attendees so that they can walk everywhere once they have arrived.
* Easy access to food and space to serve it for 350-450 people. Either catered by the venue, organised by us - local caterer, or local food stalls etc.; or sufficient restaurants etc. near to the venue
* Easy access to accommodation for 350-400 - either residential or close by
* Somewhere that shares the Transition philosophy and is easy going about us sticking stuff all over their walls!
* A reasonable price (which allows us to keep the ticket price affordable) for the venue ideally including tables, chairs, some screens, flipchart holders, wireless etc. etc. Obviously some of these can be worked around/rented etc., but it is good to know what is in the price.

Cities have an advantage in that there tends to be more accommodation available. But that can work as a disadvantage in that everybody ends up being split up all over town in the evenings and the travel stresses a lot of people out. In order of ideal types of venue I guess you have the following:

#1 A residential college. Maybe 50-100 camping, the rest to be accommodated in hall of residence or similar.
#2 If that isn't possible then a good venue with lots of rooms for workshops etc., and then a hall of residence somewhere nearby for evening events and accommodation. So everyone moves from the one place to the other after the daytime activities.
#3 A venue with some residential/camping which has nearby, walkable or reachable by public transport other accommodation options.
#4 A good venue in a city (which should have a lot of accommodation options nearby and transport which runs in the evening).

Hope to see you at the conference.

Best wishes