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Cornwall Forum

Good place to discuss any issues affecting or of interest to any part of the whole of Cornwall

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Why Cornwall should seek Independence

There are good nationalistic reasons for wishing to establish a separate State of Cornwall. But even more important, there are environmental reasons:

Climate Chaos is by now almost a certainty. I know its not affecting our daily lives as yet, but Climate Chaos will eventually lead mass emigration, starvation, collapse of any recognizable civilised society and wars. Wars over resources, wars over still-not-flooded land, wars over food.

But that does not need to apply to Cornwall. Here in Cornwall we are not as over populated as England, we will be far less affected by rising seas levels, we can feed ourselves, we can even produce enough renewable energy, we can grow enough wood for construction and we can develop some of the basic industries to improve our resilience.

The danger is that all these advantages will be lost if we are still part of the UK and thus under the rule of Westminster. In my view, federal arrangement is not enough. We need full independence to safeguard our advantageous position.