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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Cornwall Forum

Good place to discuss any issues affecting or of interest to any part of the whole of Cornwall

John and I are minded to vote for you

Hi Paul,
John and I are minded to vote for you but I have a few questions:
Would you attend the Parish Council meetings in Poundstock division?? (Although I do not support the conservatives. the last County Councillor, Phil Tucker attended most of the PC meetings in St Gennys and took a strong lead on local issues like protecting the AONB.)
Do you think large wind turbines should be situated in an area where the community agrees would be suitable or sporadically given PP wherever it is asked - even in AONBs??
Would you support self-build sustainable lo-cost housing for local people??
Best wishes,
Annie Robinson

Hi Annie and John

I certainly intend to take a strong lead on protection of the AONB, but as for the parish meetings, that is something to be worked out. I think there is good scope for cooperation between the Parishes within the Poundstock division. If possible, I would like to form a group of parish representatives to meet monthly and to address any concerns and plan common actions for the whole division.

Our whole way of life is currently based on large quantities of energy derived from burning fossil fuels. That has to change because it is unsustainable. No only because burning fossil fuels is causing potentially catastrophic climate change, which will effect us but mainly our children, grandchildren and future generations, but also because fossil fuels, being a non-renewable resources, are subject to depletion. That is why prices have tripled over the past 6 years and are likely to be doubling and tripling in future years as well, which will cause greater and greater proportion of us falling into real energy poverty.

I am sure that neither of us wants to subject the next and future generations to uncontrollable rise in temperature, leading to sea rise, eventually by 50 metres, flooding most major cities and most of the best agricultural land. Neither do we want to leave the next generation with depleted fossil fuel sources and no alternatives in place to allow them reasonable standard of living as well.

My solution is to switch as rapidly as possible to renewable sources of energy. Wind and solar are currently the best developed, but others may well supplement them in the future, such as geothermal, wave, tide, sea source heat pumps and crucially energy storage facilities, such as pumped storage and sea based compressed air, both of which are particularly suitable for Cornwall.

Every Parish should seek to generate as much energy as it uses - or form an agreement with another Parish to help it satisfy its own needs. That is how sustainability and resilience in energy is built.

In these days of utterly unaffordable housing, self-built houses offer great potential to local people and I would be delighted to support any such scheme.

I hope that helps. Here is a great source of information and ideas on how to convert to a sustainable world:

Best regards

Paul Sousek