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I have a few questions for you

Mr Sousek,

I have a few questions for you .... you are seemingly a Cornwall loving person I would guess and would act for the benefit and needs of the community “should” you take position as a County Councillor. We have beautiful rolling country side which we live in, we love, we enjoy and we respect, why would you want to see it covered with Solar Parks and Wind Turbine “Farms”???
Ok, there is a need for renewables but does it have to be at the cost of impacting the lives of people living in rural areas???
Is this just a SOLAR GOLD RUSH??? Its come at such a fast pace, too soon, too quick...with out any farsightedness..... Have you been to visit people who’s lives this is impacting??? Have you bothered to ask them how and why they feel they are being walked over with sweeping decisions by Strategic Planning??? Do we have no say at all.... ??? We have no problem with these developments to be constructed where they are out of sight of local dwellers.... BUT why allow them to be planted/constructed right beside homes of people who bought their homes in a quiet beautiful area of this county???
What is happening to this AREA OF GREAT LANDSCAPE VALUE ???
Its like everyone in a position of some say and greedy developers and a lot of greedy farmers are selling their soul for a huge chunk of the share of the subsidies from these ROCS..... who says its GREEN ENERGY..... its NOT Green.... its GREED!

Please try and think outside of the box.... and from the humble resident’s perspective.



Dear Jannat

Thank you for your email expressing your concerns.

To quote from my leaflet:
"We are at a turning point in our history. Climate Change on an unprecedented scale, increasing price of energy due to depleting fossil fuels, financial and economic systems under threat of collapse, rising price of food, etc. We have to face the challenge of living sustainably, we can galvanise action, harness all the talent of Cornwall and redesign our future. Paul’s work at Cottage Farm shows it is possible and rewarding to do so."

Our whole way of life is currently based on large quantities of energy derived from burning fossil fuels. That has to change because it is unsustainable. Not only because burning fossil fuels is causing potentially catastrophic climate change, which will effect us but mainly our children, grandchildren and future generations, but also because fossil fuels, being a non-renewable resources, are subject to depletion. That is why prices have tripled over the past 6 years and are likely to be doubling and tripling in future years as well. This will cause greater and greater proportion of us falling into real energy poverty.

I am sure that neither of us wants to subject the next and future generations to uncontrollable rise in temperature, leading to sea rise eventually by 50 metres, flooding most major cities and most of the best agricultural land. Neither do we want to leave the next generation with depleted fossil fuel sources and no alternatives in place to allow them reasonable standard of living as well.

My solution is to switch as rapidly as possible to renewable sources of energy.
What is yours?

PV arrays and wind turbines represent one of the best renewable energy sources currently available to us. Combined with AD plants and energy storage facilities (such as pumped storage, compressed air, chemical storage, batteries and others) will allow us to continue with reasonable way of life without damaging the planet any further.

The North coast of Cornwall is uniquely suitable for producing renewable energy from wind. Making use of this resource will improve local energy resilience and sustainability.

Objections on aesthetic grounds pale into insignificance in comparison with the overwhelming positive reasons for supporting such developments.

Wind turbine noise regulations require that any noise reaching neighbouring properties is kept under 35 decibels - that is HALF the noise a fridge makes right in the kitchen.

Wind turbine installation has almost no effect on the use of the agricultural land.

You might like to look at this summary of over 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers: and a couple of scientific papers on Global Warming: and

I hope you find my answer useful and I hope it helps you decide in favour of renewable energy.

Best regards

Paul Sousek
Cottage Farm