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Election Communication for 2nd May

Election Communication

Thursday 2nd May 2013

Paul Sousek, Cottage Farm



· Paul runs Cottage Farm at Jacobstow, a carbon neutral organic farm powered almost entirely by renewable energy. As a result he has won several awards, including Best Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and being named a sustainable Farmer of the Year finalist at the BBC Food and Farming Awards.
· We are at a turning point in our history. Climate Change on an unprecedented scale, increasing price of energy due to depleting fossil fuels, financial and economic systems under threat of collapse, rising price of food, etc. We have to face the challenge of living sustainably, we can galvanise action, harness all the talent of Cornwall and redesign our future. Paul’s work at Cottage Farm shows it is possible and rewarding to do so.
· Paul is standing for Mebyon Kernow. MK has no political masters in London to override local decisions and Paul’s loyalty is to the people of Cornwall.
· Support Paul with your vote on 2nd May, so that he can work on your behalf for greater sustainability and local resilience on Cornwall Council.

Email Paul on or contribute to Cornwall Forum discussion on

Paul Sousek, Cottage Farm, Jacobstow

· Following a career in the Market Research industry, Paul started farming in 2006. Since then he established Cottage Farm as a premier sustainable farm, powered by renewable energy, successfully selling its organic produce both locally and further afield.
· Cottage Farm is the first ‘SuperHome’ in Cornwall having cut its carbon emissions by 100%. For the past three years Paul has been holding monthly Open Days to show visitors how to become much more sustainable, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate energy bills.
· Paul is a founder member of local Transition groups and a speaker at national conferences on energy, food and farming. He has been a member of MK for five years and serves on its National Executive Committee.

Paul has demonstrated that he knows how to get things done

It is time for a change at County Hall

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition has slashed funding to the unitary authority by a massive £546 million between 2011 and 2015 and this is causing the Council great difficulties in being able to provide vital services for our local communities. And in February, the Conservatives and Lib Dems on Cornwall Council teamed up to vote through more cuts to adult social care, children’s services and localism, and to cut over 100 jobs.
In contrast, MK councillors have a proud record of service to Cornwall. They are fighting government cuts; they are leading opposition to central government planning policies, which are turning Cornwall into a “developers’ paradise” and they fought the “Pasty Tax”.
Cornwall must take charge of its own affairs. We need to increase our resilience in the face of energy and environmental crises and an unpredictable future to be able to withstand whatever external shocks will hit our part of the world next. MK will do just that.
“I am proud to be a member of the only political party 100% committed to Cornwall, and I hope you will join me in voting for MK.”

There is so much we CAN do

· Support local farming, local shops, markets, manufacturing and services in order for Cornwall to be more self-sufficient and retain much greater value in the local community within Cornwall.
· Take advantage of Cornwall’s abundance of renewable energy to reduce energy costs, increase resilience and boost incomes.
· Promote low cost housing with high insulation levels and renewable energy heating and super-insulate existing housing stock.
· Stop wasting money on prestige projects such as the disastrous Incinerator debacle and public ownership of the Newquay airport costing several hundred million pounds.
· Re-localise Cornish economy and re-localise Cornish politics.

Vote for Cornwall, vote for Mebyon Kernow on 2nd May

Promoted and published by P. Sousek, Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, Cornwall. Printed by Mebyon Kernow, Meridian House, Heron Way, Truro, Cornwall.