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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Food Matters by PaulS
climate change issue questionnaire by email contributor
GOD BLESS THE CORNISH!!!! by Elizabeth Hawken
2010 general election and reports by email contributor
Ink2Paper, new eco-paper by email contributor
Fuel, flying and GW by Andrew Fawcett
URGENT ACTION, please help by email contributor
'inspirational' - praise indeed! by email contributor
a barrage of letters by Dave Hampton
Eco-Hamlet Latest by John B
Stop CITA Incinerator by Elizabeth Hawken
Incinerator appeal to go ahead by Elizabeth Hawken
St Dennis Incinerator Approved by Elizabeth Hawken
chair of CSWN is begging you ... by Elizabeth Hawken
28/29 Jul: Incinerator report by Elizabeth Hawken
CITA enquiry: 6th Jul & 13th Jul by Elizabeth Hawken
June 2010 Update from UKWIN by Elizabeth Hawken
30Apr - 6May: Incinerator Enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
27-29 Apr: Incinerator Enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
20-24 Apr: Incinerator enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
9th April Incinerator enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
8th April Incinerator enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
7th April Incinerator enquiry by Elizabeth Hawken
ST-IG website by PaulS
STIG: keep up to date by Trevor Rabey
incinerator twit by email contributor
CITA Incinerator developments by Elizabeth Hawken
'A' rated Washing Machines by email contributor
Footsteps to Copenhagen - by bike by email contributor
wooden fruit trays by gyllybeach
Let me out! by AnnKenrick
Let Me Out launch by AnnKenrick
Motoflow by HelenPrice
Motoflow by HelenPrice
Brilliant strategy by chasn (not verified)
MOD properties by chasn (not verified)
Comment and questions by email contributor
empty MOD properties by email contributor
I shall give you my vote by email contributor
fast response by chasn (not verified)
election forum by chasn (not verified)
on-line debate by PaulS

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