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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Here are the comments I received, judge for yourselves:

Re the magnet thingy - I can't see that it can cause any potential damage (and if it does you have a valid claim against EcoFlow!) but I wouldn't expect miracles either! These things have been around for a few years and the cynic in me suggests that if there was a significant benefit that the car makers would have realised it by now.

I had one put on old diesel VW Golf and I think it has improved fuel consumption by about 3-10 mpg. But it is very difficult to prove. It was fitted by Helston VW garage and has been on for about 6 months now - and definitely no engine problems.

My husband has used one before and they are excellent, also the home fuel ones as well. He always fitted his own and should not be that difficult to fit yourself or a male friend, if the garage will not do it.

If not we live in St. Austell, so drive over and he will fit it for you. Don't allow your mechanic to put you off, it will not damage the car. Ecoflow used these originally in planes for the army to make the fuel last longer and only by chance did they then find that the magnets also helped health issues as well (someone put the magnets in their pocket and realised that their rheumatism had gone away).

Every article I have read (and I believe that includes Which? if I remember correctly) states that these items are a waste of time and money. Your mechanic has given you good advice, spend the money on getting your car tuned properly and you'll use less fuel and emit less emissions.

ive met several folk who had them on as boilers and said they had worked – but no evidence to really support it. From what I remember the vehicle one was tested on one old Vauxhall astra by a defunct dept – though don’t quote me onit. Eco-driving is the best way to get your consumption down (if you have to drive).

I was in Saltash the other day and eco flow at lunchtime to early Friday afternoon looked decidedly shut, not only that but sadly am skeptical about this company.
I am currently testing other company's products at moment to see if fellow members of CoaST can make full usage in future, and one company I avoided like te plaque was sadly this company, as in main its network marketing, as if a product is good worth its weight in gold so to speak, why the need to market this way?

I don't have one but friends that do swear by it! They have one on their motorhome, cars, etc. They say it takes a couple of hundred miles before it starts taking effect but then you will notice the difference in consumption. It's like putting the high premium fuel into your car, but cheaper in the long run.

Just spoke to a friend of mine who is a development engineer for a large car manufacturer and he said if they worked they would use them and fitting them to some cars may actually damage the car by reducing the fuel flow to the engine, making the car run lean and overheating the engine. It will also invalidate a car warranty. I would ask for a refund!

Bought one a year ago and haven't got around to fitting it. If you get any feedback I'd welcome copies. I don't think it can do any harm or cause probs, and the manufacturers do cite some pretty impressive road laboratory research in its favour. Just sounds too magic, doesn't it???????

I am afraid those fuel devices are a con. There is no peer reviewed scientific data to back up their claims, (which you will note are a bit vague), but a lot of data to prove otherwise.
They were tested a long time ago and found to make no difference at all. In fact, there is no known basis in physics that could suggest any way in which they will work. I have looked at all of these devices and none of them could possibly work.
Instead, why not consider going on an eco driving course that teaches you how to drive economically, (we did this and saved over 10%+ off our fuel bills). Tel 01209 821 730 on the web here. If you have a petrol engined car, why not consider having an LPG conversion? The fuel is clean burning and half the price per litre of petrol. We are converting one of our company cars at the moment as part of our ISO14001 work. They are much cleaner than diesel, which is a horribly polluting fuel.

The eco flow magnet uses tuned magnets which should smooth out he particles in the fuel mix giving more fuel for your money. This should not damage your engine or injector, however if your injector system is computer controlled
their is a mild risk the magnets may cause interference to the injector or localized sensors.

A few people referred me to this forum:-