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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Prince Charles: act before the planet reaches ''catastrophe''

Prince Charles pens piece on planet

19 June 2013 15:58 GMT

Prince Charles has written an article calling on people to act before the planet reaches ''catastrophe''.

The Prince of Wales penned a piece in the latest Spear's magazine - which has been guest edited by Ben Goldsmith - in which he states his concerns about globalisation and his worries about what is going to be done about Earth's issues.

He wrote: ''I was quoted recently as saying I am desperately impatient. Well, I am. We should all be. We are rapidly running out of time to adopt an approach that reduces our impact on the Earth's capacity to sustain us all.

''It is not just climate change we have to deal with; it is a multitude of factors -- resource scarcity, energy security, food security, unsustainable population growth and globalisation. These pressures all render 'business-as-usual' an impossible option.''
Charles compares nature with the big worldwide banks and insists people are playing a ''very dangerous game'' by failing to act on worldwide issues.

He added: ''It must be acknowledged that by pursuing economic growth as if it were an isolated goal, we have done alarming damage to nearly every element of the natural world,'' he writes. ''We are living off the Earth's natural capital rather than the income derived from that capital. Unfortunately, there is no global CFO to keep us in check.

''So we sit by and watch as the biggest bank of all -- Nature itself -- heads towards catastrophe. Over-dependence on fossil fuels, over-fishing, over-stretching the capacity of the soil, rapid and unsustainable population growth: you name it, we're at it. And it's a very dangerous game.''