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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Announcing the Festival of Transition!

Announcing the Festival of Transition!

I am delighted to be able to announce today the Festival of Transition, an initiative of new economics foundation, Transition Network, the Ramblers Association, Mission Models Money and UKYCC. The idea is that rather than flying to Rio, putting nearly 4 tons of carbon dioxide into an atmosphere that really doesn’t need 4 tons of CO2 put into it, we stay at home, and do stuff that models the kind of world we want to see. It is a celebration of change, of practical responses, of community, and we hope that it will be a global event, not just in the UK. All kinds of great events are already being planned over the time of the Festival. The crowning glory will be the 24 Hours of Possibility, a real life experiment in living differently, in showing what’s possible, on the day the Earth Summit begins, 20th June.

The idea is simple. You imagine different ways in which a post-transition society might also be a better one, and then try them out as a real-life experiment during a 24 hour period starting at dawn on 20th June 2012. Activities could involve family, friends, work colleagues, fellow students, community groups or even people you’ve never met before. It could involve the whole town or it could be more personal. You can come to the website to explore a menu of suggested ideas and activities, or add your own.

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking:

24 hours of only eating local food
24 hours of exchange without using money
24 hours of dawn breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight feasts out on our street
24 hours of life lived outdoors
24 hours of dancing in the streets
24 hours of guerrilla food growing
24 hours of bringing disused premises back into use
24 hours of talking with strangers
24 hours of slow everything
24 hours of consensus decision making in my school
24 hours of imagining a day in 2062
24 hours of transforming a derelict site
24 hours of getting active
24 hours of not using a car
24 hours of inter- generational gatherings
24 hours of swapping roles in my workplace
24 hours of activity in my local museum
24 hours of feasting and planning for the next generation
24 hours of getting the high street closed and having a carnival on the street
24 hours of making things for other people
24 hours of working less and living more
24 hours of reading together
24 hours of new community celebrations and ceremonies
24 hours of creating a community garden
24 hours of installing solar panels
24 hours of sharing your skills
24 hours of random acts of kindness and spontaneous beauty
24 hours of dreaming a new world awake

So this is an invitation to start having a think about what you might like to do for it, having some conversations with the people around you, and seeing what ideas it stimulates. We think this could be a great celebration of what Transition does best, showing on the ground the kind of change that is possible when we gather together with our friends, neighbours and colleagues. It’s over to you…

original article:

You can also read what Andrew Simms of nef said about it here.


Paul Sousek
Posted April 20, 2012 at 2:09 PM

Oh dear, not another initiative with zero effect on either global climate catastrophe, energy depletion, mineral depletion, biodiversity or population explosion.

What is actually needed is a permanent switch to a new lifestyle, not 24-hour fun experiment. Doesn’t anyone realise the urgency of our predicament?

Here are a few life changing alternatives:

1. Visit, select an Open Day at one of the 100+ houses converted to reduce their carbon footprint by at least 60%, 100% in some cases, learn what is involved and then DO IT.

2. Search for or set up your own Directory of Local Food, then ensure that you shop there on a weekly basis. You can start with

3. Get yourself an energy monitor, learn how much energy is used by your various devices and cut the in halve.

4. Switch your energy supplier to one that4. is 100% renewable, such as Good Energy or Ecotricity – even if it is more expensive.

5. Don’t fly. Period.

6. For about £4-6,000 you can get yourself a second hand G-Wiz electric car that will take care of most of your shopping trips, as well as visiting up to some 20-30 miles from your home. In combination with a few PV panels it will be free of charge to run (and zero tax and in many places no parking charges)

7. Grow your own veg and keep a few chickens for eggs – they will live quite happily on all your scraps.

8. And for man kind sake, stop reproducing. Disregard your own natural parenting instincts and set yourself a maximum of 2 kids in your whole lifetime.

We have. Check it out here or here