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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Financial Crisis Digest Feb 2012

Independent weekly compilation of the best internet articles and blogs relating to Global Banking Crisis

Best of the Best
· Mass Resignation of the Proxies: Why Are So Many Key Financial Figures Waiving the White Flag?

· Greek Debt Exclusive: Default Planners 'Falling Out Over Firewall)

· Eric Sprott On Unintended Consequences

· 55 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is NOT On The Right Track In 2012


· Of plumbing and promises

· Saving Capitalism from Obsessive Greed and Lawlessness

· Phantom profits due to dollar devaluation

· Global Wealth Graphs

· The Inherent Contradictions Of Pro-Growth Environmentalism

· Our Depraved Future of Debt Slavery

· The Cancer of Debt and Deficits

Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk
· Ben Davies: Greece is Just a Preview of What's Coming For the Rest of Us

· Mass Resignation of the Proxies: Why Are So Many Key Financial Figures Waiving the White Flag?

· Behind the Federal Reserve's Closed Doors

· Chinese Labor, Cheap No More

· Bailouts, bribes, and insider trading, from 300 years ago

· Liquidity Floodgate Set to Backfire

· Monetary Anarchy

· Bank deposit flows show money leaking to Germany from Spain

· Financial collapse explained

· Lloyds considers borrowing money from ECB

· The Economic Outlook for Canada is Dire Says the Bank of Canada

· One in four Americans have more debt than savings

· Pound dives on fears Bank of England will print more money

Eurozone debt crisis /Ireland/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Cyprus/Greece/Iceland

· Greek Debt Exclusive: Default Planners 'Falling Out Over Firewall)

· Greek bond swap begins as Germany voices doubts over bailout

· The Way Greeks Live Now

· Debt crisis: Chancellor George Osborne rules out new Eurozone bailout

· Merkel's Leading Germany Into an Abyss

· Next Up: Portugal

· Europe's banks bleed from Greek debt crisis

· Debt crisis will pull eurozone, neighbors into double-dip: EU

· Spain’s debt load to double since start of crisis, EU forecasts

· After Greece, where now for the eurozone?

Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy
· The Peak Oil Crisis: Technology Update

· Peak Energy Animated - "There's No Tomorrow"

· How Closely are Oil Prices Tied to Economic Activity?


US property Market

· U.S. House Prices Declined 2.4% in 4Q

· California housing collapse deepens

· House prices hit lowest point in more than 10 years

· Breakdown Of America's 131.8 Million Houses (10 million "other"?)

US Foreclosure and Bank Fraud and fraud in high places
· Janet Tavakoli: Financial Sector Executives Commit Fraud, Avoid Prosecution, and Make Certain Future Crises

· Individual Investors Excluded From Fire Sale On Foreclosed Houses

· UBS Turning Whistleblower in Libor Probe

· So How Corrupt Is Washington, Anyway?

· The “Robo-Signed” Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Global Pension "time bomb” and aging population
· Japan Orders Pension Fund to Suspend Operations

· Millennials Are Up The Creek Without A Paddle

· Pension deficits continue to run at historic highs

· Pensions crisis will mean later retirement

· Church of England DB scheme in jeopardy

The affect of Austerity measures
· Special Report: Homeless Students

Deflation or inflation?
· Bailing Out Banks Is Inflationary

· Is Deflation a Real Threat?

US Unemployment
· U.S. Postal Service to Cut 35,000 Jobs as Plants Are Shut

Building resilience
· Understanding Emergencies: Every Day Carry and Survival Equipment

Eureka articles that challenge the status quo
· Creeping Fascism, Part One: Return of the Company Town

· The Time of Big Government is Coming to an End

· Bob Janjuah: "Markets Are So Rigged By Policy Makers That I Have No Meaningful Insights To Offer"

· Understanding Real Economics – Part #3 ‘MONEY’ does not EXIST in Spacetime – Why?