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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Email the Prime Minister - urgent

Dear Prime Minister,

Please do not reduce the feed-in tariff rate for PV solar so drastically. The reduction should be no more than 10% or 20% at this review. The time-scale should be much longer, so please change the 12 December date to April 2012.

Why? All the evidence shows that fossil fuel prices are rising and will continue to rise. The era of cheap oil, gas and coal is over for ever.

Therefore, for the good of the UK, we must build a renewable energy infrastructure with urgency. The energy in the sun and wind is free, so once we have built the infrastructure, we shall have protected our children, our economy, our poorer people and our future from energy insecurity and fearful price rises.

The current feed-in tariff scheme is one of the most successful projects the Government has ever done, creating not only the energy infrastructure we need, but many green jobs and successful businesses.

The money to pay for the feed-in tariff comes, very sensibly, as a surcharge to fossil fuel bills. This means that the people currently using fossil fuel, are paying for the new green energy, that will power our lives and businesses).

The Government should take a higher surcharge from fossil fuel bills, especially from households and industries that use a large amount, protecting the low users, who will either be poor or energy efficient and should not be paying a surcharge. Please use the additional surcharge to raise the FiT fund to a much higher level, thus supporting the new green industries in a way which will be an example to the world.

Surely the best use of the wealth we have gained from fossil fuels is the investment in green energies, providing not only energy security for the future, but also clean energy that reduces the threat of global warming problems.

Please listen to these consultation replies - this is your chance to shine!

Yours sincerely,

amend and email to

Here is a letter asking the Prime Minister not to reduce the PV tariffs so drastically, giving reasons for the arguments.

Please copy the letter into an email, change it to reflect your own views and press the SEND button. We need many times more of these PV panels and other renewable energy equipment and we need to install this now, as soon as possible.

Thank you

Paul Sousek
Fieldpower Organics @ Cottage Farm
Sustainable organic carbon neutral farm powered by renewable energy producing organic beef and lamb boxes. Deliveries by carbon neutral transport.
Tel: 01840 230 548 email:
Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, Cornwall, EX23 0BU


Here is what the author of the letter says:

I think we need to try to get tens of thousands of letters sent in by individuals.

Please send your reply to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which is coordinating the review. You could also send copies to the Prime Minister, your own MP, your press contacts, and Friends of the Earth.

Please pass this email on to everyone you know. best wishes, Jackie