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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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CSWN meeting with EA re Incinerator

Cornwall Sustainable Waste Network

Dydh da oll,
The meeting started at 10.30am we were all there by 10am. There were approximately 15 EA staff there from their head offices around the country. List of EA staff:- Simone Hallbrook [EA boss] Judy Proctor, Bridget Beer, Julie Soper, David Mudge, Nick Bettison, Simon Patterson, [permit] Chris James, Kevin Baker, Gitty Anchors, Sarah Newton EA, [Not the MP], there were three others who were not introduced to us.
At 6pm Mr Peter Smith from the HPA arrived.
We worked with the EA group until 5.30 pm with a half hour for lunch and a few breaks through the day.
We went through the many questions that we had for them, R. Toms and C Larke had a lot to say as per. But our questions were also put to them, you all have the questions that I had already sent in to the EA on your behalf. If you have not got them I can send them again.
We basically waded through the draft permit and the accompanying document, which you can all find on the web.
We have made them put back the final day for documents to go in, from the 20th September to the 29th October, but all document now have to go to Sheffield in WRITING Address:- Environment Agency, Permitting Support Centre, PO Box 4209, Sheffield, S9 9BS
We have managed to make them promise that they will go on radio Cornwall and other media to state that they HAVE NOT GIVEN PERMISSION FOR THIS INCINERATOR PERMIT they have only said that they MAY give SITA the permit, and other information.
Between us we brought quite a few subjects to their minds that they did not know about, or may not wish to know about. They tried to give excuses for Kirklees, which did not wash at all. We also caught them out over the bottom ash and how and where it was likely to be dealt with. They also have been caught out over the water table and problems with that. They do not realise that there is a gas main beneath the site. Great.
They had great difficulty with the fact that they insist that there would be no hazardous material going into the burner, and could not tell us how they would stop such material getting into it. [They can not]
They still do not understand were their food emanates from, and it is very difficult to explain that if the farm food is contaminated it is their children that will be eating it.!!
They still refuse to have all farm land tested for dioxins before any building of any incinerator. They are still in the belief that dioxin does one no harm.!!! In this case it means that we now have a very efficient birth control system in place around the glob and the population should start to come down dramatically within the next twenty years.
There was a very long debate on CO2 and global warming.
For so called [educated people they are as thick as they come], no doubt have degrees in history or some other useless subject.
Or is it that there is none so blind as those who do not wish to see, their £30,000,up to £60,000 or so per year is of much more importance than public health, but these are all very young people so they are looking to kill their own grandchildren.
All in all we have given them pages and pages to get the answers to, if they do not we will al batter them until they do get the answers.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSH Chair CSWN