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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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28/29 Jul: Incinerator report


Dydh da oll,
I am sending this on from Ken Rickard, as his notes are always to the point.
We have at last finished this part of the planning appeal for this evil
incinerator intended for st Dennis. We now have to write up our closing
submissions and present them on the 5,6 and 7th October in St Austell
Greenwood has to be one of the most evil little men that one has ever had to
deal with. There is only one thing that any of these people love and that
is money. Human food and health is of no consequence, when I reminded them
that they would be feeding their own families on what could be contaminated
food which will kill them, they could not care less. As Ken says we all
made Greenwood dance in his own mud bath. And each rule 6 party went to it
from a different angle.
I am just glad that this part of it is over, and I can get on with my own
life once more. I thank the people who did manage to get to the hearings as
one then felt one was not alone in this fight, that we must win so as our
glorious Duchy does not become bankrupt because all the farm land has been
contaminated with Dioxins.

Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSH Chair CSWN

Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 6:43 PM
Subject: Today at the Office 30/7

Hi All,

The inspector opened this the final day of the X examination of SITA
witnesses by announcing his plan for today including advice for TV people

More SITA evidence was produced and circulated, one of these documents
SITA/1/7 on the Revised Project Plan contained more inaccuracies than
accuracies.This quality of evidence has no place in a modern democratic
society and will surely be highlighted to at a later time.The inspector
confirmed that he would only be considering evidence on the RPP which is in
the public domain. This was also endorsed by Mr King, Council's QC.
Proceedings then started with Mr Rod Toms cross examining Mr Greenwood.
This was a very interesting exchange with many technical questions which
prompted answers that conflicted with other SITA witnesses evidence. many'
don't knows' and some 'not my subject'. There was also admissions and
agreement with Mr Toms question/statements. sometimes answers were simply
not true as many present would agree. It is fair to say that Mr Toms got the
better of Mr Greenwood on many subjects. At times one could say that Mr
Greenwood was in fact ' floundering in his own mud'

Crib (coffee) was taken from 10.45 to 10.55am

Mr Toms, who should have very pleased with his performance, concluded his
cross examination at 11.35am. This was acknowledged by the inspector.

The inspector started his questioning of Mr Greenwood at 11.35am.
Many answers were simply not true as most people present would agree.
Because of the degree of downright lies it must have been difficult for
members of the public present to refrain from vocal expression.

Mr Phillipps started his questioning of Mr Greenwood at 12.35pm which was
conducted in Mr Phillips's usual biased style by leading Mr Greenwood into
answers supporting SITA desire for need. Scraping the barrel springs to
This period which finished at 1pm, can only be described as an apology for a
pathetic soap script, needed a certain amount of restraint to witness. This
standard of honesty only goes to portray a level which our so called fellow
human beings are prepared to go for reward.

Today when this part of the Inquiry finished to those of us who had attended
the Inquiry on a regular basis and some of us who have attended every day it
seemed as if a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders, at least for
the present time anyway. This public Inquiry has been one of the longest and
certainly the most expensive the Duchy has known. At the end of the day it
will have cost the Duchy's council tax payers, you and I, over £2m. A cost
which could easily be seen as a case of Cornwall Council fighting itself.

We have experienced a long drawn out Inquiry which has proved to be
interesting and at times very boring especially when certain people are
mumbling. There is no doubt that the Cornwall Council (Planning) QCs, Mr
King and Mr Boyle have conducted an excellent case for refusal, supported in
a very effective and orderly manner by Cornwall Council's officers and Rule
6 parties who have excelled them selves with performances which have
enhanced personal images and the profile of the groups they represent. The
people of Cornwall and more importantly the people of St.Dennis and the
local community should be very grateful for and very proud of the efforts
and the sacrifices of many dedicated people.
The campaign which has spanned many years of hard and dedicated work all for
the benefit of our community and the environment should never be forgotten
no matter what the final outcome of the Inquiry.

Our fight has been for democracy, common sense, and the wellbeing of future
generations and our environment.

I would personally and sincerely like to thank all the people who have
attended the Inquiry along the way and supported all my dedicated colleagues
who have contributed so much to the best of their ability and sacrificed so

Dont forget Final Submissions on 4,5 and 6 October 2010 at the Restormel
Borough Council Offices, St.Austell.

Bye for now and thanks,


Hi All, 29-70-2010

The inspector opened todays proceedings by announcing that following the
completion of Mr Kings cross examination of Mr Greenwood, SITA witness for
Planning, he was hoping to complete all Rule 6 party's cross examinations of
Mr Greenwood today.

Mr King then continued with his cross examination of Mr Greenwood in his
usual style which prompted the sometimes negative answers and explanations
from Mr Greenwood. Another positive and polished performance from Mr King.
This concluded at 10.30am.

Coffee break was taken from 10.30 to 10.45am

After the break Mr Cole, PC/Stig then proceeded with the cross examination
of Mr Greenwood. Mr Cole gave a very experienced and expertly compiled cross
examination which produced some unanswered questions, others which were some
what inconclusive and many do not agrees. There were many people present in
the audience who would not agree with many of Mr Greenwoods answers.
Mr Cole's cross examination concluded at 12.50 after which the lunch break
was taken.

Proceedings resumed again at 1.30pm with Mr Greenwood being cross
examination by Ms Lark, Atlantic Energy, Here again we had a very well
balanced and competent performance by a Rule 6 party member resulting in Mr
Greenwoods usual style. Many disagreements. Some dont knows.

Afternoon break was for 15 mins at 2.50pm.

Ms Lark's cross examination concluded at 4pm.

Another break was taken at 4pm for ten minutes.

Mr Greenwood's cross examination was continued by Mrs Hawken, CSWN, who gave
her usual solid and competent performance which often resulted in conflict.
many answers were inconclusive and accepted by Mr Greenwood as not his

My impression of todays proceedings is that we have seen excellent cross
examination performance from initially, Mr King followed by Rule 6 parties
who excelled themselves with performances and content far above standards
expected from such people. These performances have resulted in responses
which produced some admissions, confusing negatives, dogged attempts to
answer, several attempts to slide sideways from the original questions,
conflicting statements and many disagreements.

Todays proceedings were concluded at 5.20pm

Todays total attendance was 52.



Hi All,

The inspector opened todays proceedings at 9.30am by announcing,

That he was glad to learn that Mr Phillips's absence was most beneficial to
his family. Mr Phillips then followed by expressing his apoiogies for his

The inspector and Mr Phillips both announced various new docs,(those
available were issued) and procedures. As the inspector has shingles, at his
request we would be taking frequent comfort breaks.
Mr Greenwood, SITA witness, on Planning, then read his Proof of Evidence
during which Mr Phillips SITA QC led Mt Greenwood in his usual unimpressive
and time consuming style asking questions which resulted in answers
supporting his client's need. As one would expect this resulted in Mr
Greenwoods presentation of a mass burn incinerator sited at Rostowrack Farm
ticking all the boxes and being the best thing since sliced bread. However,
as one would expect it did not accord with the public present opinion or
indeed as some may argue,logical assessment. Some of Mr Greenwood's evidence
could easily be challenged as being UNTRUE, especially regarding his comment
that SITA had looked at alternative technologies. During this session a
break for coffee etc was taken from 10.35 to 10.50m. After which Mr
Greenwood's evidence charade continued until 12.35pm when the cross
examination of Mr Greenwood by Mr King, CC QC, followed until 1pm.

Lunch was taken at 1 to 2pm.

Proceedings resumed with Mr King continuing his cross examination of Mr
More detailed questioning followed conducted in My King's own implacable
style. conflicts were highlighted and discussed, in fact some exchanges were
quite aggressive until constructive answers were given.
Answers were often indecisive. Additional waffle was quickly suppressed in
Mr King's own particular style. Very relevant issues were clarified. Some
admissions of errors and apologies from Mr Greenwood.
This was cross examination of the highest standard, all very interesting.

Today we had an early session during which Mr Phillips excelled himself by
conducting the opening evidence of Mr Greenwood in his own irritating and
time consuming style,This was later followed by a duel which Mr King
certainly won.
A comfort break was taken at 3pm for ten minutes.

Proceeding today closed at 5.10pm. Mr King will continue tomorrow for about

Total attendance today was 51.