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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Sodium Percarbonate, the Jack of all trades for cleaning

Sorry that everyone's getting this message - please ignore if you're out of Cornwall - unless of course, you've never heard of Sodium Percarbonate!

Wondering whether anyone out there might like to share 25Kgs of Sodium Percarbonate that we've just ordered?

Never heard of it? Well, shame on you for its uses are varied and endless and its effect on the environment, minimal. Here's a link to the Mistral Pure Chemicals website and at the end of this message I've added an extract from my B&B Diary Column of May 2010 which gives a bit more information about it.

We intend to keep 10Kg but are happy to split the remaining 15 Kg into minimum 5Kg lots. Our reason for ordering 25Kg is that it's massively cheaper i.e. £2.13 per Kg instead of £4.73 when buying 5Kg. Our charge to anyone interested would be proportionate to what we are paying i.e. £10.65 (£2.13 x 5) plus a small supplement for providing a suitable container and copy of the Safety Data Sheet.

Anyone interested, feel free to beat a path to our door - alternatively, e-mail or phone Gill/Kim on 01208-77553

Thank you!

Extract from B&B News - May 2010

"On the topic of cleaning, we have just acquired a new addition to the small but highly efficient collection of natural products that inhabit the cleaning cupboard at Bedknobs B&B here in Bodmin, Cornwall. Now Readers familiar with this Page will know that at Bedknobs, synthetic chemicals are not suffered gladly - or indeed at all.

One of our current jobs-in-waiting, is the removal of algae and other matter from the facia boards and other exterior woodwork, so the search began for something kind and gentle, yet effective.

The criteria was that it had to be kind to us, harmless to the environment, tough on algae, contain zero synthetic chemicals - and 'cheap' would be the icing on the cake!

Kim began trawling the Internet and after some initial research, stumbled across Pure Sodium Percarbonate which turns out to be a real 'jack of all trades'. Its common name is solid hydrogen peroxide and it comes supplied in powder form. Mixed with water to the correct ratio, it quickly becomes a powerful oxygen bleach that will perform a multitude of tasks whilst having absolutely no environmental impact whatsoever.

Sodium Percarbonate will remove organic stains such as tea, coffee, wine, blood, grass and many more and can be used together with detergent in your washing machine. It prevents white fabrics from yellowing yet will not affect colours. It can de-odorise, kill bacteria, mould, fungus, viruses and thank goodness, algae! It is odourless, non-toxic and totally non-polluting. Upon decomposition, it simply breaks down into oxygen, water and sodium carbonate.

Oxygen bleach is ideal for cleaning just about anything from work surfaces and fridges to carpets, toilets and garden furniture. Yes, Sodium Percarbonate really is a jack of all trades.

This is the website where we made our particular purchase but of course there are other sites for you to choose from "