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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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14 Jul: Incinerator enquiry

The inspector opened today proceedings by announcing that X examination of
SITA witness Mr Greenwood would now take place at KINGLY on 28th, 29th, and
30th July. This is now definite.
Final Submissions will tale place on 5th,6th, and 7th October in the Old
Restormel Borough Offices, St.Austell.Westmoorland-Smith

At end of the Inquiry all parties to obtain from Mrs Taplin a full list of
documents. This will enable a ref only to core doc. numbers in Final
Submissions rather than full title/description.
A hard copy of Final Submissions to be presented to all parties at the first
day of Final Submissions meeting. with one electronic copy going to Alan
Ridley at PINS.
Inspector not interested in missing document from Draft EA permit.

Actual proceedings started with Mr Penfold Transport witness for SITA
presenting his Summary, this was followed by Mr Penfold being led by Mr
Westmoorland-Smith SITA QC.
Next, starting at 10.50am, Mr King, CC QC X examined Mr Penfold with his
usual polished performance which highlighted the following very relevant
issues , Immures will NOT give permission to SITA to utilise its railway
sidings therefore to use rail transport to supply the Incinerator with waste
would the need the construction of two new sidings with a spur which would
require the purchase of additional land from Network Rail and Tregothnan
Estate, this would then require the submission of a new planning
application, all anticipated to take up to twenty years to achieve. Mr King
made the point that the incinerator is planned to operate for thirty years.
This raised a few titters from the audience. Next question, is there any
commitment from any party to utilise rail for the transportation of waste.
answer, well I am not aware.
Coffee break was taken at 10.50 until 11.05am.

Mr King resumed his X examination until 11.15, when It was my turn to X
examine Mr Penfold, this was completed by 12.10. during which time I managed
to ask over thirty questions, some of which did not receive positive
replies. Some questions were objected to by Mr Westmoorland-Smith as being
other witnesses subjects. I did my best to emphasise that his tables 3.1 and
5.1 were not accurate due to his admission that certain figures had not been
included. Mr Penfold did not know where fly ash would go if Gloucester site
closed, and he was not aware of any procedure of alternative routes to the
incinerator in the event of a RTA at Highgate interchange or the C184 which
would close the road, I also attempted to get him to admit that the use of
rail was feasible but not financially practical, it received no comment. My
X examination was completed at 12.10.
Miss Elizabeth Hawken then followed with concerns and questions on Highgate
interchange and the traffic volumes which effects the industrial firms
movement of their produce from the Doltish Industrial Estate and the
concerns of Hoteliers in Newquay. Also the effects of RTAs on the A30 which
transfers all traffic through Fraddon. Miss Hawken's concerns were strongly
presented but were answered by "the highways agency are happy with the
situation" This concluded at 12.25pm

Mr Westmoorland-Smith's final summary was followed by the inspector
endorsing his requirement of certain new docs. from SITA. Proceeding closed
at 12.30pm.

It was noticed that Maranda Lingered and Des Teale (CC.WDA) were present.
approx. 40 in total attended today, thanks for your support this week, it is

Amendment to yesterdays statement regarding public submitting further
evidence. Evidence from the public will be accepted UP UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF
THE INQUIRY 30TH JULY, not up until fourteen days after of the end of the
Inquiry. The following fourteen days are for Parties to respond if they see