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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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20-24 Apr: Incinerator enquiry

Hi All,

The inspector started by announcing that the day at St.Dennis went well. The Balloon has been arranged for 11th and 12th May.Formal letter from inspectorate will be circ. re. procedures for Final Submissions at RBC offices. Also that someone had given him a copy of the Cornish dictionary following his enquiry about "one and all".
At lunch time today he would be meeting with Mr Daly, Mr Greenwood and Mr Rickard to finalise the site visit itinerary.

Todays session started with Mr John Scanlon (company witness) being X examined by Mr Rod Toms, POC.
A very detailed X examination followed which produced interesting admissions. Many questions could not be answered and would be followed up(hopefully)
Various discrepancies and procedural procedures were highlighted by Mr Toms which in some cases had to be agreed by Mr Scanlon who must have felt uncomfortable at times.
Mr Toms's X examination was very scientific, very detailed,and very professional. This was an hour of very good stuff for our side.

Mr Scanlon was then X examined by Mr Dick Cole(PC & STIG) through examination Mr Scanlon told many lies about the Liason group.Could not confirm other issues.
This was another very thorough X examination involving, jobs, stack height, liaison groups, transport and footapths. It was finally admitted that there is no place for Imerys or Goonvean using the heat. It was disclosed that CCC had identified a site for the incinerator in 2000, with an option to purchase.

Crib 10.50 to 11.05am

Mrs E Hawken,CSWN, then X examined Mr Scanlon, Some confusion over paperwork. Good questions from Ms Hawken. Failed to agree on several points. very explicit about using the word incinerator instead of CERC., ref. to I of M and Teesside, testing for dioxins, use of botttom ash, why are you using an ex.MEP who works for an incinerator company. more lies about the format of liaison groups.very
clear Mr Scanlon does not know reality or he is a good storey teller.
Typical Elizabeth strong performance.

Ms Lark,TCN, then X examined Mr Scanlon. Ms Lark reported that she had only recently rec. rebuttal docs on Friday and there has not been enough time to complete its reading.
All this resulted from the lack of response to TCN questions submitted to SITA in the autumn. many questions about recycling, municipal and industrial. Some questions were left for Mr Aumonier. Lack of some answers was frustrating. It is fair to say that Ms Lark gave Mr Scanlon a real solid grilling for 2hrs.
Another thorough X examination. I would not mind betting that Mr Scanlon is glad that Ms Lark has finished.
lunch at 12.55 to 2pm. site visits meeting at 1.30pm.

2.55pm Mr Paul Williams then X examined Mr Scanlon. Some confusion with Mr Phillips lack of passing on docs. to Mr Scanlon. No rebuttals have been rec.. other issues were raised and asked to be noted by the inspectors. Several do'nt knows. Ex MEP Caroline Jackson's involvement was highlighted. Recycling was discussed in depth.
Infant morality figures down wind of the Kirkless incinerator were presented and discussed. Public consultation was examined and opinion was expressed. A certain doc. was highlighted as Greenwash, and understood, but not agreed. some frightening figures were presented on emissions. Mr Scanlon did not comment. This was a detailed and aggressive performance which scored well.

The inspector then asked some questions, most important being the Local Waste Plan statement that says a 200,000 tons plant and you have mentioned 240,000 ton plant also choice of technology must reflect local circumstances, yes we have done that. One dubious reply was that the incinerator building would accommodate 30.000 tons of bottom ash
Mr Phillips SITA QC then X examined Mr Scanlon, with questions about todays X examinations. land purchase or lease, liaison groups, heat use by clay cos., boiler failure. Contract details, procurement process. United Mines very unlikely to obtain Planning Permissio (we know that).Rail use, landfill sites potential, Scratching around again, a typical Mr Phillips show. Still mumbling when uncertain.
In attendance today was a representative from the Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS is a partner in the ownership of SITA UK.
Proceeding adjourned at 5.25pm.
For the record Ms Lingard.(CC legal team), along with a female colleague was in attendance from 2.15 to 3.05pm and 3.40 to 3.50pm and sat with a member of the SITA team.

I attended the inspectors visits plan/itinerary meeting at 12.30 along with Mr Chris Daly and Mr Tim Greenwood, when final arrangements were confirmed by the inspector. Mr Daly was charged with arrangements and circ. of final plan. The inspector's plan now is for the haul road and footpaths to be visited on the 11th, with village homes and photo positions on the 12th. This was the inspector's decision.

Todays attendance 45.


Cheers, Ken.
Hi All,

Today is welcome to St.Dennis day. and what a welcome, excellent support in fact a full house incl.people standing.
The inspector opened todays proceeding explaining procedures and break times.

Rt Hon. Matthew Taylor was first of the public speakers with a 15 minute presentation which attracted questions from Mr Moorland-Smith.
Mr Taylor was followed by Mr Brian Arthur, Mr Ken Rickard, Mr Oliver Baines, Mrs Pat Blanchard, Cllr Jackie Bull,Mrs L Lintott, Mrs Clarice Westlake, Cllr John Wood, Mrs Val Sterling, Mrs Mollie Fox,Mrs Hilary Hughes, Miss Lynda Bowman, Cllr Fred Greenslade, Mr Chris Charnock, Mr
Charles Hall,FOE, Mr David James, Rev.Dr John Johnson.
Lunch was taken from 12.50am to 2pm.
Afternoon session started with Mr Clive Medway UKIP, Mrs Caroline Righton, Mr Stephen Gilbert, Cllr Roy Taylor, Mrs Armorel Carlyon, Mrs Susan Richards, Mr Alan Trethewey, Mrs Diana Padwick, Mr Gwylyn Lewis, Mrs Joanna Batterby, Mr Malcolm Higginbotton, Mr Tim Thomson,Green Party, Mrs Kim Wonnacott, St.Stephens PC.,Mr John Carleys, Chacewater
PC., Mr Mike Martin, Mrs Lynn Sims,Mr Andrew Waters, St Enoder PC., and Ms Kelly.
These speakers included representatives such as, a MP., PPC s, ex County Councillors, present Cornwall Councillors,Local Parish councillors, members of STIG and other protest groups, Friends of the Earth, Green Party, UKIP., and many local concerned people including organic farmers, also people from Nanpean,Truro, Perranporth, Grampound, Penzance and Mawgan Porth.

Today we have heard an excellent cross section of concerns and presentations, far too much good stuff to record.

Basically presentations content was all about opposition to SITA's planning application. lack of consultation and rejection of this appeal.
Other subjects covered were adverse impact, lack of concern for moral issues, passionate verse, emotional issues, logical solutions, lack of concern for human wellbeing, and very significantly a continued reference to the condemnation of the performance of the CC Waste Disposal Authority who have sat back for the past 14 years and done nothing to form a decent Waste Strategy Plan which will or should have taken Cornwall into the 21st century and beyond. Many thousands of
pounds of taxpayers money have been spent over these years on hiring consultants who have done nothing but convince the WDA that they are correct in promoting outdated incineration and then pick up their large fees. These people named today are Maltbeak, Patel, and Thurgood, also Owens and Lingard employees.. These sadly will be remembered for a long time for their lack of investigation into alternatives solutions and the mess they have directed and inflicted
on to the Cornwall Council and the people of Cornwall.

It is a pity that todays presentations cannot be recorded, if it was it could be sent to all Cornwall Councillors and employed executives to improve their knowledge of the reality which a mass burn incinerator would bring about to St.Dennis or indeed anywhere in Cornwall.
Today was a good day with excellent presentations by all.

The inspector closed todays session after thanking the St.Dennis Working Mens Club and The War Memorial Institute Trustees for the excellent venue, Mrs Taplin for the miles she has covered, the public speakers for their excellent presentations and those attending for their good order and patience. Tomorrow would resume at 9.30am at Kingsley.

Attendance today averaged 110.