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The only party with Cornwall at its heart

The only party with Cornwall at its heart.

By Dick Cole Leader of Mebyon Kernow.

MEBYON KERNOW – The Party for Cornwall is different to the mainstream London based parties. MK has no political master in London to please. We are not funded by big business or a few wealthy individuals and our policies are not determined by focus groups or vested interests.
We will always fight for what is best for Cornwall and we answer only to you – the people of Cornwall.

Over the past 18 months or so, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have been throwing glossy leaflets around the six Cornish constituencies like confetti.

Their Local literature (much of it printed outside of Cornwall) contains the normal claims about fighting for local people and standing up for Cornwall.

But what of their manifesto commitments?
I have looked at the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos and searched for mention of Cornwall. I found references to Scotland, Wales, London, Birmingham … but not one solitary mention of Cornwall.

It is my belief that this demonstrates that Cornwall will not be a priority for the leadership of any of the main political parties after the election.

Contrast that with Mebyon Kernow.
At the heart of the MK election campaign is our call for fair funding for Cornwall. We all know that Cornwall received less funding for our hospitals, schools and vital public services that other parts of the United Kingdom, and that we also lose out to unelected South West quangos and agencies.

Our demand is for a commission to investigate the full extent of this Government underfunding of Cornwall, just as a recent review found that Wales is underfunded by £300 million a year. MK is pressing all the London-based political parties to support our campaign and to agree to abide by the findings of the Commission, guaranteeing Cornish communities funding in the future. This is a campaign that is gaining traction in Cornwall. But where is the support for such an
initiative from Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

As the leader of Mebyon Kernow, I would simply ask that when you weigh up how you intend to cast your vote, please take the time to look outside of the mainstream parties. Please consider voting for MK, the party truly dedicated to winning a better deal for Cornwall.

It is my belief that Cornwall would be best served by independent-thinking Mebyon Kernow MPs, determined to speak up for the best interests of Cornwall at every opportunity. What is more, a large vote for MK would make headlines. The election of one or more MK
MPs would cause a political earthquake and be one of the stories of the election - putting Cornwall’s case at the very heart of Westminster.