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Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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9th April Incinerator enquiry

Hi All,
9th April:

The inspector opened todays proceedings by confirming that the final submissions will be heard on 29 & 30 May 2010 at the old Restormel Borough Council officies in St.Austell
The site visits on 11,12,&13 of July would take the form of the
following plan , 11th, for local (with myself)and site visits, 12th, for Haul Road (with Mr Williams), Footpaths(with Mrs Salmon),viewing points, and the SAC Goss Moor, and 13th, for visiting waste transfer stations, landfill sites etc.

Proceedings continued with MIss Hawken, CSWN, being led X examined by Mr Moorlandsmith, SITA QC. This resulted in the non agreement with various evidence and question detail. what I would call a' toe to toe'. however Miss Hawken gave as good as she got. Documented evidence was discussed in depth, with emissions and dioxins being the main topic along with its lack of monitoring. After a few questions Mr Moorlandsmith gave up. No wonder because following a question he would be given so much info. highlighting the negatives of incineration he
found he was doing the responding. This was a good show from our point of view, I got the impression that Mr MLS was glad to finish.
Inspector then asked, fly ash is hazardous waste, must go to
specialised site, EH yes. then followed a discussion on disposal.

Mr Corbett then asked EH if the HPA were critical of incineration, yes. how long does it take for dioxins to get into the soil, depends on what emissions are coming out of the chimney, however they do not go away. There is always need to monitor emissions. Mine shafts.
Gender mutation what time scale, could take a considerable amount of time to be discovered.

Mr Doble was then called as a CSWN witness. Mr Corbett asked Mr Doble to introduce his company's operation. it was in the Food industry which source much of raw products from Cornwall. then proceeded to lead into evidence.
Very pleased to see Cornwall's food industry grow. CC chief executive has recently acknowledged the Cornish Food industry is a major element in the county's economy.
90% of pasties produced are exported out of the county. Cornwall has the largest cheese making factory in the country. The county is looked upon as a clean and pure environment. This incinerator could damage the Cornish food industry and indeed his own company. Has there been a proper debate on alternatives, Mr Moorllandsmith intervened to stop this question. he obviously did not like what he was more than likely to hear.

Mr Doble stated that we have the finest chefs in the country, because we, Cornwall, have the finest produce.

Mr Doble was then X examined by Mr Moorlandsmith ref. his web site, evidence, and qualifications. Mr MLS continued to scrap for content, makes an issue of EA permit and Gov. policy, and certain figures produced by CC. Economic Forum figures which Mr MLS referred to are not correct. Mr MLS continued to try to discredit various figures. he really is scrapping the barrel. Mr Doble then suggested that figures which Mr MLS referred to were not accurate, especially where a local food producers turnover was concerned.
Mr Doble gave a cool and calculated performance, who gave good
responses to questions, and was certainly not outgunned, he certainly made clear the fears and consequences of incineration of and to the food industry. In my opinion clearly won on points.
The inspector asked for product source, answer, local group of
farmers. lack of cattle to be seen, Mr Doble explained that the
tendency today is for larger herds, which are only seen on the larger

Mr Corbett (St.Mawgan farmer) then took stand as a witness, and gave his qualifications and his evidence, stated the basis of his objection to this proposal is the "4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine" on "The Health Effects of Incinerators". he referred to Patels involvement with contract, with SITA driving the waste local plan when it should have been the other way around.
pollution from emissions effecting his produce. All good stuff. Not many relevant questions from Mr MLS
Inspector asked about his farm, arable and sheep.
Note MLS is not a pop group it is short for Mr Moorlandsmith.
Adjourned at 12.30 until Tuesday at 9.30am

REMINDER, 21April. Public Speaking at St.Dennis Working Mens, people wishing to speak should register with Mrs Brenda Taplin at the Inquiry or by e-mail on Brenda If you wish to speak you must be registered. the day is part of the Inquiry therefore it is open to the public who wish to listen.

So ends week 4, overall another good week with our "evidence" being very positive and at times aggressive which put SITA on the back foot.
Once again we should all be happy and proud. Have a good weekend, weather supposed to be good.