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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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8th April Incinerator enquiry

Hi All,

The inspector opened the proceedings today by stating that we will continue with Ms Lark 's evidence, followed by Mr Williams DVD presentation and later by Miss Hawkens presentation of evidence.
Mr Boyle and inspector had a conversation on Common Ground subjects.
Closing date submissions 29 ? at a venue provided by CC 11,12,13 May

Ms Lark continued with her evidence and was X examined by Mr Phillips SITA QC, and stated he would not be questioning her written evidence this would be done thro written responses from his witnesses. This would be available this week. He then proceeded with his X examination concentrating on the Waste Local Plan and strategic plans.Also referred to Defra and policy docs. He did not like Ms Lark responses which at times as robust as his questions. he was in a hole and found it difficult to climb out. lots of irrelevant info. It reminded me of a man in his slippers trying to climb a very steep slippery slope. Made an issue of landfill, all to no avail. referred to contract and AD. he now referred to Ms Lark's docs which
earlier he had said he would not be responding to this, this would be done by his witnesses written responses later. referred to recession, population and waste figures.
Crib at 11 to 11.15am
Mr Phillips continued his X examination of Ms Lark. this became very boring although Ms Lark more than held her own, in fact at times she was quite robust.
My bet is that the QC has not met Rule 6 parties and their evidence like this before. He is certainly not comfortable. Ref to Surrey incinerators planning refusals.Ms Larks responses and rebuttals of Mr Phillips questions and comments were too many to record.
The Inspector enquired about the Hallenbeagle site..would hope to be enlightened later. composting and recycling Lunch at 1pm to 2 pm
Ms Lark was then re-examined and led by Mr Bains. Explained
strategies, which hare process of consultation with the public to decide on options. No waste strategy in place now. waste hierarchy puts incineration is next to the bottom ie only one place better than landfill. local authorities should be aiming to move higher up the list. Energy from waste by any technology.Sita have been using "the need" as a reason, this is not correct the need has not been established. Recycling immediately reduces the need. waste arisings have levelled off. CC is promoting a go green policy, incineration would be detrimental to this policy. The best performing authorities
are obtaining 60% recycling, without incineration. recycling where incineration is in operation is 40%. Bottom ash, we know there are large reserves of good aggregate in Mid-Cornwall. POC will clarify. If incinerator was built no doubt waste will be imported. Dean Quarry and Hallenbeagle sites and their significance were highlighted. Gypsies are gone from site.
With that this concluded TCN evidence. Charmian gave an excellent and robust performance. At times the SITA QC must have wondered what had hit him.

Inspector then called Mr Williams to present his dvd presentation, after introducing himself Mr Williams proceeded to explain the method of preparation of his evidence
This was an excellently prepared and presented piece of evidence, very detailed and informative with an excellent commentary.
Mr Phillips did not watch the first 60% of the DVD but did ask two or three irrelevant questions.
Tea break 3.40 to 3.30pm
Michael Wilson introduced himself and then proceeded to explain his still photographs taken on the Isle of Man. These mainly highlighted that SITA's incinerator was built on a greenfield site, also the number of properties surrounding the incinerator which were now not in use. This was followed by photographs taken in Rotherham of an autoclave waste treatment plant and its insignificance of its operation as to regards to any visual, smells or noise impact. Mr Phillips did not ask any relevant questions. This was a good honest to
goodness performance.
In attendance this afternoon included Cllr P.Lynne, Cllr German, Cllr A.Toms, and Cllr L Kennedy.

Following a five minute break proceedings then called for Miss Hawkins to present her evidence after introduction by Mr William Corbett her advocate. he referred to her background and her research contacts.
your evidence will highlight the dangers of incineration to human health and the Cornish Food Industry.
2002 Public Inquiry EH attended every day. Dr Patel was determined to push thro a 300 ton incinerator The Inspector was Howard Rose. The inspector's final decision was that incineration should be used only after all other opinions had been full explored. no particular site was identified.
Waste hierarchy in the directive was read out in detail as was the proximity and precautionary principle. Dr Patel had insulted the Cornish people by some of his comments.
Mr Corbett continued to read out Miss Hawkins evidence statement, which was followed by her comments and answers.The dangers of fly ash and bottom ash were highlighted.
The HSA has put a stop to the use of incinerator bottom ash in
construction and road building. Highways Agency is carrying out
further research.
The integrity and brand of the Duchy of Cornwall is important and must be protected. Emissions effects and lack of regular monitoring were highlighted.
Organic farming is local and the perception of possible damage to its product image by incineration is of great concern. Dioxins will harm the farming industry.
Elizabeth as expected gave typical Elizabeth performance protecting the population and the food industry.
Proceedings closed today at 5.45pm.

I will say yet another excellent day for US.



Total attendance today 60pm