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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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7th April Incinerator enquiry

Dear All,

7th April:

Here we go again, more of Mr Maltbeaks antics, when will you people wake up to his conduct which continues to bring the Cornwall Council into disrepute.

Today at the Public Inquiry we saw and heard a witness, notably a Mr Petty the Chief Executive Officer of New Fuel Technology Ltd giving the following evidence.

When asked about the Fichtner report Mr Petty referred to it as being incredulous and on par with the dossier for the war in Iraq. The report was full of inaccuracies.
Fichtner contrary to its statement in the report had not spoken to New Fuel Technology Ltd. It was a sexed up report to sell incineration. It cannot be taken seriously.
Mr Petty also reported that when WDAP members visited NFT Ltd for a viewing and presentation in 2009, after the viewing of plant was completed and the next stage to present verbal comparisons between incinerators and its technologies, was reached Mr Maltbeak said it was time to go and ushered the
County Council members out of the door. A surprising prompt end to what was perceived as a visit for a full awareness presentation.

Now today we have received information recently published in the New Civil Engineer Consultants File 2010 a comprehensive review of the capabilities and performance of 242 of the Britain's top Consulting Engineers. Surprise, surprise, there is one notable absentee from that list, yes you have guessed
it, there is no Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd of Stockport on the list. So much for Mr Maltbeak's selection, his terms of reference to them, and subsequent employment. There are many words to describe this sort of conduct.

I am of the opinion that Mr Maltbeak's conduct is questionable, in fact it borders on corruption.

How you all get taken in by this kind of conduct by Mr Maltbeak beggars belief. The point is now what are you going to do about it, are you going to stand by and let things be or are you going to take action to restore transparency and democracy at County Hall and also declare the Fichtner report invalid?

I am sure that this along with the Kevin Lavery behaviour with the letter fiasco, will all present interesting but embarrassing evidence at the Public Inquiry. This will not go away.


Ken Rickard.
Hi All,
To reply to your enquiries, the person on screen is obviously
Prof.Howard, if you can see him, under the screen is Inspector
Robinson on the left and inspector Spurle on the right, in the
foreground on the left is Mr John Lloyd STIG/PC barrister and on the right our good friend Rod Toms(Power of Cornwall). I do appreciate that the pictures did not print as I would have liked.

Today the inspector opened proceedings by stating he had rec. hard copies of Prof Howards evidence and D &F Williams DVD of the haul road and then outlining todays and future programme. Site visits are planned for 11,12 &13 May with final arrangements being made nearer the time. The PI will resume on Tues.4 May at 9.30am.(instead of day off)

Then proceedings started with an opening statement by Charmian Lark of Transition Cornwall Network.

Mr S Gilbert was called as TCN witness and was introduced.His evidence incl. waste local plan, alternatives, policies, democratic deficiency, limited involvement, lack of consultation, more should be involved in debate. Exit the contract. look at whole problem. actually very good presentation.

Steve Gilbert was then X examined by SITA QC Mr Phillips usual manner of attack and questions. Steve Gilbert gave a very good constructive response to this X examination.
Question from the inspector, do you mean clearing the desks and
starting again, yes.

Next witness for TCN was John Stocker, who gave his background as a Restormal and Councy Councillor, then gave his long and concise statement. voted for the contract with SITA although limited knowledge of implications. felt mislead.
Responding to a question from Ms Lark Mr Stocker touched on Waste Strategy, advanced waste technologies, recycling. carbon footprint., when CCC cllr voted against PA, fuel cost not considered. what advice was given, we were not given the full picture, not co-ordinated, we trusted officers, there was fear and anxiety amongst most councillors.
We do need to research the all the issues.

Then X examined by Mr Phillips, more pointless questions re use of heat, and Phil Masons report. Mr Phillips could not have been too happy with good responses. Following a question Mr Stocker said his recommendation would be more smaller local facilities which would not involve high transport costs.
Crib at 11.10 to 11.25am

Mr Bains then called Ms Lark as a witness and proceeded to lead her into her evidence. Case for need is not made,evidence is to show how the world has changed, Many graphs were explained in detail.
Brake for evidence preparation 11.45 to 11.55am.
Ms Lark continued with her evidence. as per her documentation, which would normally be presented on slides. This included many positive graphs and calculations all highlighting the negatives of incineration. Non compliance with policy. Should take into account climate change and government targets.
Ms Lark, section 4. case for incineration is flawed. does not follow PPS1&12, modelled AD badly, many inaccuracies were
highlighted,restricted docs.prevented consultation,challenged the validity of Waste Local Plan, BPO not followed, preservation of soil quality(with compost from AD), WRATE analysis was carried out 17 months after the incinerator was decided upon. Section 5, highlight alternatives also plans for Hallenbeagle.
2.40 adj until 2.50pm. short break.
Ms Lark intro. Mr Tom Petty the Chief Executive Officer New Fuel Technology Ltd as a TCN witness(Qualifications too many to record) vastly experienced large scale construction incl.alternatives to incineration. Gasification been around for a long time and are well proven. His firms technology is Pyrolysis, no oxygen no dioxins.uses chicken bedding and manure ,human sewerage, rags ,RDF, wiilow and other materials.
Explained his firms progress in a viable updated technology which will attract financial resources. Also explained his firms involvement with the Hallenbeagle project and its contract to supply new waste treatment technology.

Asked about the Fichtner report Mr Petty referred to it as being incredulous and on par with the dossier for the war in Iraq. the report was full of inaccuracies. Fichtner contrary to its statement in the report had not spoken to New Fuel Technology Ltd. it was a sexed up report to sell incineration. cannot be taken seriously.

Mr Petty also reported when the WDAP members visited their Stratford (London) plant for a viewing and presentation in 2009 when the viewing was completed and the stage was reached to present verbal comparisons between incinerators and their technologies,Mr Maltbeak said because of the time we must go and then proceeded to usher the Cornwall Council members out the door. a surprising prompt end to what was perceived as a visit for a full awareness presentation. Question from
Ms Lark was, when would your tech. be up and running at Hallenbeagle and exporting power to the grid, answer in 2012.
Mr Phillips struggled to X examine Mr Petty.Only one or two questions which were robustly answered which Mr Phillips wished he had not asked.

This was another excellent day for the defendants. All witnesses were good.

The inspector adjourned the Inquiry at 4.25pm until 9.30am tomorrow.

Good attendance approx.60 in total.