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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Another day at the Incinerator enquiry

As Ken says Vyv Howard was a star. It is such a shame that we have among us very talented people who do not wish to be involved, with this huge fight that we have to win, so as all our children and grand children have a fighting chance of survival in the future. Some of you on the other hand
are fantastic and are giving both your time and money and your all for both CSWN and the rest of this Duchy. I thank those people, and know that they will be with me on Friday the 9th when I have to give my witness evidence on behalf of CSWN. Again thank you.

On that, Malcolm has now got over 60 people watching on the video link, at the last count. Thank you Malcolm for doing a sterling job.

Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSH Chair CSWN
----- Original Message -----
From: "Kenneth Rickard"
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 4:21 PM
Subject: Today at the Office. 1/4

> Hi All,
> The inspector opened proceedings by handling over to Mr Lloyd QC
> (STIG? PC) who then proceeded to introduce Prof. Howard who was on
> standby in Ireland to present his witness evidence by video link.
> Prof. Howard, after giving his introduction which included stating his
> interest in particle research, he then proceeded with the visual
> display accompanied by his commentary, which included all the
> negatives of incinerator emissions and its effect on human health The
> visual display certainly showed the graphic details.
> The dangers of fine and ultra fine particles were explained.
> Statistics of global deaths from fine particles are 2m pa and European
> deaths are 270,000pa and are a major and significant contributor to
> the precautionary principle
> Chemical properties are present in incinerator emissions. Over the
> last 150 years the waste stream has become more toxic. Incinerator
> emissions are more toxic than the original material. There is no doubt
> that particles in the air will get into the body.
> The precautionary principle should be adopted when considering new
> incinerator PA . incinerators are not the answer to waste management
> apart from danger to health they consume an enormous amount of input
> to operate.
> Mr Lloyd QC (STIG/PC) asked Prof. Howard if this presentation which
> was prepared for another application is also applicable for the
> St.Dennis proposal. Yes it applies to all new incinerators. You say
> that ultra fine particles cannot be controlled, yes the smaller
> particles get the more difficult they are to control.
> Prof. Howard was then X examined by Mr Westmoorland-Smith QC(SITA) has
> the appellant had not seen the slides shown could a copy be submitted
> to SITA.
> Some nit picking of the evidence could be perceived as irrelevant.
> The inspector asked Prof.Howard if there is an equivalent in Ireland
> to our EA, reply, there is a planning authority system equivalent in
> Ireland to the EA.
> Mr Lloyd expressed his gratitude to Prof.Howard for his evidence. We
> could not have wished for a better performance by Prof.Howard. good
> stuff.
> The Inspector then announced that he had rec. letters from Kevin
> Lavery re his previous statement, Anne Truscott and Mrs Salmon re. Mr
> Millington's evidence error.
> Mr Lloyd then introduced Miss Amanda Routeledge STIG/PC witness who
> then gave her status, as a community rep. with STIG and St.Dennis
> School governor.
> Miss Routeledge gave cool and clear evidence, with an excellent
> conclusion.
> Mr Lloyd led Miss Routeledge into constructive answers and comments.
> The St.Dennis Parish Plan and its negative findings about incineration
> were highlighted.
> Concerns about the lack of any assessment of china clay dust, with the
> incin.emissions, the local power station emission and traffic
> emissions being carried out were expressed.
> Miss Routeledge was then X examined by Mr Westmoorland -Smith. the
> petty questions that followed were answered with confidence. When the
> EA had granted to the operating permit was referred to, and although
> agreed it was pointed out that many questions to the EA from STIG had
> never been answered.
> The inspector said he would enquire about china clay dust etc. he also
> asked for a hard copy of unanswered STIG questions to the EA.
> Miss Routeledge had given a good performance with her evidence and
> never wilted under limited intimidation from the appellants brief.
> This weeks performance by STIG/PC witnesses were exceptionally good,
> we could not have asked for more, and it endorsed the fact that time
> and effort spent in preparation was well rewarded. The local community
> should be very proud of this weeks efforts and all involved.
> The inspector asked all parties to met after adjournment today to
> discus a speeding up process of the future programme. (It would help
> if Mr Philips was asked again to speed up his X examinations, my
> opinion).
> Todays proceedings were adjourned at 11.15am until 9.30am on Wed.7
> March. Happy Easter to all readers.
> Thanks Trevor for copy letter, Brian for photo, and thanks Shlomo for
> kind comments. am looking forward to Easter break to recuperate.
> Photo of Prof. Howard will be forwarded to all.
> Cheers,
> Ken.
> 65 present today.