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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Incinerator enquiry: report.31/3 + 30/3

Hi All,

Today the inspector's opening comments were, the time is and today we will go on until 6.30pm
Proceedings started with both parties agreeing new common ground drawings for footpath two.
Mr King asked Mr Daly about proposals for La Mont, reply was double glazing and mech. ventilation was not good enough. doors must be kept shut and when going outside same conditions would apply' Mr Chris Daly CC witness(Rights of Way and Planning Assessment) being X examined by Mr Philips QC for SITA.
Asked his position and relationship with Mr Mason. Haul road was described as 73% existing used track and road by Mr Penfold's evidence, Mr Daly refused to accept this.
Mr Philips referred to the use of rail more than once. Also stated there would be no loss of public rights of way.
Mr Daly was asked why the site visit to Teeside, as it was
inappropriate. Mr Daly replied he could not find any rural site to viist.
Mr Philips continued with his usual form of x examination. Nit picking and trying to intimidate Mr Daly. Did highlight one or two issues, but nothing relevant
Mr Philips stated that Mr Mason had only recently released a copy of the draft officers report.
At one time the inspector had to tell Mr Philips not to revisit old issues.
Mr King (CCQC) asked Mr Daly to clarify, the site selection details including sites available.The Fichtner Report, who commissioned it,.... Mr Matbeak, and who does Mr Matbeak work for today, Fichtner (laughter), regarding Mr Mason, when did Mr Mason start making decisions at C.Hall,... Jan/Feb. with his appointment with the new Unitary Authority being effective from 1 April 2009. Also asked who signed off the Shadow Assessment, Mr Daly replied Mr Mason.
Mr Robinson the inspector asked about the relevance of site selection.
Mr Daly said that the WDA made the site selection. The inspector also stated that disturbance that effected quality of life also includes ambience regarding the walks.

Tomorrow is STIG/Parish's turn to give evidence
The day ended at 6.50pm.

Thanks for all kind remarks to date and for Mike and Brian's help in compiling todays report. I did not attend as I have not been to well.


> Hi All,
> The inspector opened today by reporting he had rec.a letter from Tommy
> Bray, in favour of the proposal, a letter from the Planning
> Inspectorate in response to a letter to the Prime Minister re an AA
> from me, and a letter from the Chief Executive of the Inspectorate in
> response to a letter from Matthew Taylor.
> Today's programme would be made up of STIG/PC. witnesses.
> After asking Mr Dick Cole to explain his background Mr Lloyd STIG/PC
> brief then proceeded to lead Mr Cole, CC(Planning Background, Waste
> Plan Issues & Historic Environment) on his proof of evidence. This
> proved to be as expected, was positive, constructive and detailed.Mr
> Cole was then X examined by Mr Westmoreland - Smith, SITA
> again as expected from the appellant, however Mr Cole gave a
> performance as would be expected from him, it continued to be
> positive, constructive and full content resulting from years of much
> experience in the subject matter.
> For some unknown reason the appellants brief introduced the subject of
> consultation, and in my opinion shot its self in the foot. Mr Cole
> accepted this opportunity with open arms and proceeded to take full
> advantage of this to highlight the lack of consultation in very
> detailed and no uncertain terms.
> A full explanation of the Fichtner report (and its implications) was
> given, as was historic footpaths, alternatives technologies and
> regeneration. Also the build up, incl. the switch of dates, personnel
> and documentation, to the CCC determination of the original PA on 26
> March 2009.
> Mr Lloyd led Mr Cole into more informative responses. The inspector
> asked Mr Cole to clarify certain points which he did.
> Next witness was Cllr Fred Greenslade, (Visual Impact & Community
> Issues) who clarified his position, and went on to give a visual
> display highlighting various views from around the village of the
> height of stack balloon. Mr Lloyd led Mr Greenslade into positive
> responses. Mr. Westmoreland-Smith X examined Cllr Greenslade who did
> not succome to some provocation.Inspector also sought clarification on
> certain issues. overall a good strong performance.
> Cllr Jackie Salmon (Footpaths) was introduced and was led by Mr.John
> Lloyd into giving her very detailed and informative evidence on
> Footpaths. Was then X examined by Mr Westland-Smith followed by the
> inspector seeking clarification of certain points.
> Mrs Ginney Edwards, (Environmental Issues) explained her background,
> then moved on to her evidence on, the Haul Road, devastation of trees
> etc at Banktop incl. survey material, impact on badgers, bittern
> birds, dormice, bats, and protected species of flora on the SAC. Was
> then X examined by Mr Westmoreland-Smith, followed by questions from
> the inspector,
> Both Jackie and Ginney gave good solid performances.
> Today has been our best day todate, definitely won on points, when
> past hard work came to the fore..
> As no other witnesses were available the inspector adjourned
> proceeding at 2.40pm until 9.30am tomorrow.
> Attendance at times exceeded 60 people.
> Ken.